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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by grox, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone, great community you got here.

    Just wondering if you had some tips regards to what to do when you're getting tailgated.

    I was riding in a 50km zone today on a long road without lights and there was a stack of cars doing about 40 in front of me. I slowed down behind them and an idiot in a red honda sedan comes up behind me and runs maybe a foot from my rear wheel for the next half a km or so. Made me nervous.
  2. Touch the rear brake gently so the brake lights come on but you don't slow down. If that doesn't cause them to back off, pull over to the side of the road or a different lane in the next safe spot and let them go past. Some cage drivers never learn about braking distances and reaction times so all you can do is minimise your own risk.

    There will be some occasions when you can use the bikes superior acceleration to open up a distance and move in to an alternate lane. It sounds like this was not one of those occasions i.e slow traffic low speed zone.

    Welcome to the forum by the way. Go into the welcome lounge thread and introduce yourself. :)
  3. Thanks Chris. I guess I gotta keep a clear head.
  4. do what i do, slow right down and come to a complete stop, pisses em right off, love watching them lose it
  5. I'm with u there goz, I slow right down to walking pace... Then wen they think they have found a place to go round u or they just try to go round u speed up so they can't go round....
    Wen they create a gap between them and u, u speed up but wen they get close again just back off again....
    That's wat I do anyway lol.... Posses em right off but u like to hope that they will learn 1 day....
  6. I like that idea --- will try it one day
  7. Slowing down is not necessarily a good idea. Sometimes people are just oblivious to how close they are following, and so slowing down may make them go around you, or if they are tailgating you to be intimidating, slowing down makes it more dangerous for you.

    Perhaps a shotgun under your jacket for show? :LOL:
  8. that's a good point -- perhaps oil sprayers installed on the back of the bike aimed at the windscreen -- they would have to stop if they can not see where they are going

    hell and james bond stuff would work
  9. ive had people come up very very close behind me before, i simply turn around point and put my palm in the air, if that dosent work make a shoo movement back towards them and they generally realise that they are making you uncomfortable... has worked for me
  10. If you feel confident enough to do it safely turning in the saddle and looking them in the eye then waving them back works for most “Oblivious tailgaters”. An Other technique I have found works is start slaloming in your lane, the more exaggerated the swerve the better. It makes people behind very nervous to be to close. Remember with both of these techniques you need room in front of you so that you can react if traffic conditions in front of you change.
  11. The only issue I have with slalom manouvers is that a stormtrooper is going give you a ticket under the pretext of "drive in a manner dangerous" or that ilk.
  12. Go with my idea ive said already, and am still tempted to do it except it would be pretty gay - right up to the point it became useful..
    Get a toy baby on the back of your bike that can "fall off" when someone is tailgating you.
    Watch the horrified look/car accident when they think they ran a baby over. Especially if you are in Melbourne where everyone thinks of kittens and children.

    Edit: Mule, my instructor for my pre learners told me its my lane and i can do what i want with it. He even went so far as to recommend that the slalom is an effective means of deterring tailgaters....... 'course, he was a harley rider so i shouldnt listen to anything he said... :D
  13. If you are oblivious enough not to note a cop before you start up the manoeuvre, and if you do it in a manner to be pulled up, As them why they consider that more dangerous than the person who was tailgating you, and identify that you were doing it to try to get the tailgater off your tail.
    I’d rather take my chances with being picked up by a cop than squashed by a knob in a cage.
  14. All of the above. Just keep a cool head and don't get agro.

    I have used waving, hand signals, slowing down (my favourite) and slaloming. All have worked, unless the tailgater is consciously and deliberately doing it. Then I just get out of the way, which usually means I am now on their tail, and I pass them shortly after filtering through traffic. Sometimes that really pisses them of, which is fun. :)
  15. Just gently slow until you get a 4-6 second gap, ie your 2-3 seconds plus "their" 2-3 seconds in front of you, then increase your speed to maintain your position in the traffic flow. Now they are not a problem.

    Do it in the cage too.

    If they start getting agro, tooting or reving their motor, best let them get past, 'cause they're not likely to stop, even if the do hit you.
  16. I can not see around corners into side streets etc -- I do not have xray vision to see a patrol car hidden behind thick bushes.

    Although I agree with you in asking them --- the attitude of modern storm troopers is to give you a ticket and let the judge sort it out if you are not happy about it.

    Its been a long time since I came across a common sense police officer ( see I do have respect for those that have earned it )-- most have retired now.
  17. I was instructed the same -- as the law states a motorbike can be anywhere in the lane I guess a gentle zig zag motion could be applied as opposed to a aggressive side to side swing ala motogp/F1 tyre warming style without any legality repercussions.
  18. I was weaving quite gently one day when some stupid cop pulls up beside me, sticks her head out of the passenger window and starts gesturing at me. I stopped, but she waited until she had my attention, cars in front of me be damned. F*cking numpty she was. And my instructor also recommended doing it as a way to learn the handling of your bike a little better when new. When I told him the story he said, maybe the cop is a retard, but all the same try to do it away from them.
  19. Thank you for showing an example of my point of view/concerns
  20. Tailgating is my pet peeve.

    There are many fun ways to deal with it. The most sensible is to increase the buffer in front of you to accomodate for the lack of buffer behind you. Ie. leaving 6 seconds between the vehicle in front of you instead of 3. This means that in the event of having to brake, you can do it far more progressively so the person on your ass has longer to realise you are slowing and react.

    That said, it REALLY pisses me off and I'm always trying to think up ways of keeping people away from you, without getting in trouble. My idea yesterday was a bumper sticker that says 'if you tailgate me, I will slaughter you' or something to that effect but not sure about the legalities there..

    Just thought of a better one: