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Tailgated By Semi-Trailer

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Banga, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Just wanted to know if this happens a lot or maybe its a thing that happens especially to L platers

    I was on a 80km/h road and was traveling at 85km/h according to my speedo, however this semi behind me kept pushing up closer and closer i have heard that on hyosungs that the speedo can be out by about 11km/h this is over reading, so i thought it must be my fault and gradually increased speed to about 95km/h, now this finally made the driver keep some distance.
    Thing is i just can't imagine my speedo being out by dat much, i'm gunna get it checked out soon. I guess it could just be the 'L' stigma.

    The good note is on my first ride a while back i had some awesome driver keep the traffic back while i was ridding, kept a massive distance and was all good until the lane split into too. I guess theres good drivers and bad ones.

    Cheers all

  2. Certainly not true of all truckies but always worth remembering that at least some are most likely doped to the eyeballs on something. Best to keep a safe distance from all trucks I reckon.
  3. No definitely not, in fact I'd say that most truckies are good drivers, got a few in my family! But as usual get a bad name because of the select few. I'd never imply that. also i mean tailgating in general not by truckies only.
    Hey it couldve been my speedo thats dead out, won't know till i get it checked.
  4. Agreed a lot of truckies are very good drivers. But then I also used to see all the syringes that used to get collected from the lay-down area where I used to work (and I doubt there's that many diabetic truckies).
  5. True,
    Ain't an easy job, and probly not for the faint hearted i guess. Hours don't get much worse.
  6. yeah i'm on my L's at the moment and have noticed a lot of tailgating and i'm certain i'm doing the right speed limit.
  7. Yeah nelly i hear ya, in a car i don't mind so much its a car, but a bike just different and no cage to protect ya.

    Probly put a sign on the back saying "Back Off" might work, or maybe just gotta speed to stay away, prob is on l's you got too much to loose
  8. Firstly, it IS NOT you fault, even if your speedo is out. The posted limit is exactly that, the upper limit, not the set speed you must travel at.
    The truck driver needs beating around the head for tailgating in a vehicle that size. :evil:
  9. But there's no value in being right, and a bonnet ornament, nor being first in the queue to a radar trap or camera while over the limit trying to escape. Best policy is to slow down, pull off and let him pass.
  10. Cheers Triway,
    Makes me feel better,

    Yeah i probably should have just pulled over and let him pass, to be honest i was thinking bout it, but thought to myself why bother and kept going, however had anything had have happened i would be in a different boat.
  11. Also remember you're in Sydney.... Tailgating is a way of life unfortunately :shock:
  12. +1

    I agree they shouldn't be tailgating but they do :jerk:
  13. Yeah i guess so,
    however you do think that professional drivers should have a little bit more respect, not always like that tho. I should pack up and move to Hobart that be cool :LOL:.
  14. Seriously Banga

    You’re going to have to learn how to ride more aggressively. Next time that happens dump the throttle and lose the farkwit.
  15. what kind of road was it? how many lanes? if more then 1 which lane were you in?
  16. When people say it can be wrong by 11kmh, its not talking about at every speed. 1km indicated is not 12kmh! Its saying at a higher speed it might be 11kmh - almost ALL stock speedos overread by at least 3%. Kawa are often up to 10%.

    In an 80 zone you could probably do around 85 indicated and be close enough to doing 80 real speed.

    The driver was just being a total asshat.
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  18. Yo nicholas,
    Maybe, but on m l's the chance of loosing my license is too risky, i need it a hell of a lot, but in saying that probly wouldve been better to leave the dud for dead, and focus on meself.

    single lane road if it were two laned i'd have stayed in the left to let him overtake. I don't wana be an ahole myself.

    Yeah i know not that bad at math :LOL:, supposedly some of the gt250r's can get up2 20km/h of at about 100 and 115. I was told that some of the 06 models had this problem. :(

    Rockjob, Yeah i read that, awesome post, i will next time, but aint scratching its belly these things bit :LOL:
  19. I agree. If the driver gets close enough he may not even be able to see you (looks right over you and forgets your there). That could turn real ugly! Either take off (risk of ticket) or if its safe to do so, pull over and let him pass, then get behind him and see if there is a phone number for being a "professional driver" you can call and report the driver.
  20. Banga you are correct. My Hyosung is out by between 8 - 11k's an hour dependent on speed. I have a GPS on the bike now and it confirmed this. I've also confirmed it with my dealer (Staffords - they know all things Hyosung)