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Tailgaiting epidemic

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dan, May 16, 2005.

  1. Ever since I started riding, I have noticed how bad the tailgating epidemic is on our roads.

    1 kiliometer of straight road, 100pkh limit. 10 cars in the stretch. 1 car at the front, 100 metres from the car behind it, not a care in the world. Behind that, 9 cars, all bumper to bumper, brake lights on and off as they try to respond to the slight speeds fluctuatations. Before you know it, the last 5 cars are doing half the speed of the cars in front - snarl ensues.

    We all know how it starts, but I have never understood why people insist on impersonating a rugby scrum in their vehicles.

    My missus was driving yesterday, and I asked her why she had to drive so close to the car in front. She replied that if she didn't stay close, someone else would duck into the gap in front of her! Let's say I was dissappointed at her response, and somewhat queasy at the end of the trip with all the brake jerking.

    Tailgating is illegal - 90% of drivers do it - cops rarely enforce it... go figure.

    thats my whinge for the day.
  2. Because of this ZERO TOLERANCE crap with speeding. Everyone is trying to sit exactly on 101 or 102km/h. If you want to overtake you must to this at 103km/h or you will be punishied.

    I agree that tailgating is wrong but so is this zero tolerance crap that says if you do 104km/h on a freeway you are endangering everyone's lives and will get a whopping fine and demerit points that will stay with you for 3 years. Oh, yes, 100km/h is sooo much safer.

    Look at the westgate bridge. Now you have a situation where everone (including trucks :shock: ) are traveling at 79km/h 1 metre appart.

    End this zero tolerance crap, let people overtake without fear of loosing their licence at 110 or even 115 km/h and people won't tailgate.
  3. Short answer is to stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and just manage what you can control. Keep you distance from the car in front and avoid sitting next to the rear panel of cars. As a driver this realisation was a turning point for me and makes for a much more relaxing drive. I have a sister and a father-in-law who still don't get this and the ride is very uncomfortable to say the least when they are driving.
  4. I'm no 'Doctor Road Safety Stats', but I can gaurantee you that more prangs on the roads are caused by tailgaters than speeders.

    it just dissapoints me that cops blitz tailgaters once a year, but focus on speeders (+5kph over) daily.

    If they split their enforcement resources to 50/50 between these two behaviours, they could both get the revenue they want and reduce accidents, and leave us alone for overtaking the morons who are tailgating cars in front of us!
  5. Good example

    Of course tailgating is stupid, and I agree to an extent that it is caused by the ridiculous attitude that our legislators have to speeding. If you want an example of how dangerous tailgating at speed can be, you only need to look at the NASCAR races in the USA.
    On some of the "superspeedways" the cars were getting so fast that the lawmakers of the sport thought they'd better slow them down, a LOT. So they chose to fit each engine with a restrictor plate, between the carburettor and the inlet maifold that restricts (as the name implies) the amount of air/fuel mixture the engine can take in.
    Now it certainly slowed the cars down, but the side-effect was that it evened out the cars' performances and made slipstreaming, or drafting, as the septics call it, essential
    So, now at Talladega, for example, you have groups of 20 cars all sitting a few centimetres off the bumper of the car in front, waiting for the opportunity to slip out of the draft and pass. It makes for exciting racing, but, if just one car gets off line or gets tapped from behind, it sets off a chain reaction accident that can involve up to half the field.
    This happened exactly like this last weekend and 25 cars were involved.
    Now, granted road speeds are slower, but the same principle applies.
    Ruthless enforcement of a mandatory speed limit leads to tailgating and the resulting multiple car accidents are a by-product of that.
  6. The nascars slipstream to make both cars go faster. When one ducks out, the wind washing from the edge of the front car, hits the outer edge of the second car and sins it around. That is why they duck out so quick.

    If you want to see real tailgaiting, come down to Gippsland. Drive between Traralgon and Rosedale. B-doubles full. Well within a car length of your arse. You cannot read their number plate because all you can see is grill. The speed has nothing to do with tailgaiting. The shit heads are doing well over 110 on a 100 posted road. It has nothing to do with watching the speedo. The tailgaiters are just shit heads. No matter where and no matter who.

    [edited for typos]


  7. One of the other things that can cause the huge stacks in NASCAR is they tune the cars to be loose so they'll _slightly_ hang the tail out in a corner. The more the car oversteers the faster it is but also the easier it is to have the tail step out and send you into the wall.

    When you have someone running hard against your tail the aerodynamics don't work the same and you get what's called "Aero Free", basically a drop off in rear downforce, and suddenly the lead car has a MAJOR tendency to oversteer. Don't realise the bloke behind you is an inch from your bumper and you'll almost certainly spin out.

    Conversely the trailing car gets what's called "Aero Push" which is a tendency to understeer caused by reduced downforce. Hence why you occasionally see someone run up hot behind a slightly slower car and then slide high into the wall.

    Anyway...that's enough random information. Can you tell I've played waaaaay to much NASCAR 2003?
  8. Hey Linenoise i understandt the workings of air flow causing downforce AND lift depending on the aerodynamics of a car. However i'm confused with the "Aero free" concept. I also understand the reduced downforce of the car behind the LEADER as the car is travelling in a slipstream created by the car in front and therefore has reduced airflow therefore meaning nothing to push down on the front spoiler holding the car down (however it has less wind friction now and can go marginally faster then the lead car, both being equal that is, Think 125cc GP bikes).

    The part i don't understand is how the car BEHIND the leader has an effect on the rear downforce of the car infront. Hasn't the air already passed over the car as it is infront and therefore it doesn't matter how close the guy behind is as the wind has already passed?? That's the only part i'm confused with, could you explain it to me cheers!!
  9. BINGO!

    That's exactly it.

    None of this crap about needing to tailgate beacuse of speeds limits. Tailgaters are arseholes. Pure and simple.

    It amazes me, and scares me to see so many people out there doing it.

    I was out for a quick spin on my Wife's Across today, on the ring road, cruising along in the left lane at 100kmh+/-, and right beside me I see a commodore passing me in the right lane. Fine...I guess he was doing about 105ish...no problem....until....

    ...then as he passes me, I kid you not - no more than 2 metres behing him is a young girl in a Hyundai Excel having a nice old chat on her mobile phone at the same time.

    All I could do was shake my head :shock:

    Frankly, I don't care if she dies endangering herself like that, but I do care that she'll most likely take out some innocents along the way.

    That's not an isolated incident either - I see it EVERY day!

    Why do people do it???

    Next time your out there take a good look at how you're driving, many don't even realise their doing it. Pick a landmark and check to see if you're a full two seconds behind the vehicle in front.

    If you're not, hang back a little.

  10. Have you noticed that bike riders are better car drivers than the non bike riding car driving population? Don't get me wrong though, sometimes its not the case my mother and a workmate are awesome alert and patient drivers yet they doesn't ride bikes, they sees bikes though which is what alot of car drivers don't do...

    Plain old car drivers in general though are just plain dumb. I treat them as if they all have IQs of 3 and don't deserve a licence. In otherwords I drive really carefully, and when someone cuts into my 2 second gap, I flick on my headlights, they see me in the rear view, pissed but yet calm (how you ask?) and then the switch into another lane only to hit brake lights every 2 seconds.

    Car drivers = Dopey
    Car drivers = Duhh??

    I'm beginning to understand why you lot call them "cagers".. They are all snug and safe and can afford to be dopey on the mobile or hit their brakes every two seconds and speed up again. They should be embarressed with themselves for looking so dopey when they drive or something..

    I keep using the word dopey because thats what they look like when they cut you off without using an indicator and then use morse code with the brakes.
  11. At the speeds they race and the distances they sit apart two cars close together become almost a single object from an aerodynamic point of view. The gap between the tail of one car and the nose of the next creates a disturbance in the air. Think about the image of smoke travelling over a car in a wind tunnel. If you place another car behind the first the smoke will tend to stay higher between the two vehicles reducing the pressure of air flowing over the rear wing.

    Furthermore as air travels underneath the lead car it finds more resistance in trying to get up and over the nose, through the grill or through the front airdam of the trailing car. This creates a pressure increase underneath the rear diffuser of the lead car. If you understand how a wing works you'll know that high pressure air underneath and low pressure air on top equals lift. Lift equals less weight over the rear wheels and less traction hence a tendancy to oversteer.

    Here endeth todays aerodynamics lesson. :p
  12. Drivers in adelaide seem okay in the city area, once you get out towards elizabeth and in the hills the bogans and yuppies sit right up your arse and drive like lunatics.
  13. I watched a car driver tail gate and I'm talking less then a car length at 110km/h, a bike down the freeway the other day.

    The guy should have been arrested. Even if it was a car he couldn't have stopped and as for the bike rider he would have been dead if he had to brake suddenly.
  14. :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:
  15. Tailgaters suck and should be shot on sight...oh, sorry, is that too extreme? :x
  16. The worst type of tailgaters imo are the ones who do it to Learner drivers and riders,they're fuggin learning ffs and you get these ignorant morons sitting up their clacker :roll: kill em all i say :D
  17. could you explain to me how a planes wing actually works, in a little more detail ? :D

    it would be interesting to hear.

    cheers ratty ( aka Paul )
  18. I disagree :)

    I've seen some unbelievably and unnecessarily bad/rude/dangerous/stupid bikers around lately. not just that they're dangerous, but the fact that they intimidate (and then blame) drivers who arent doing anything wrong.
  19. http://travel.howstuffworks.com/airplane1.htm

  20. The government (let's lay off the cops - they just enforce laws that crack-pot governments come up with) has no interest in tail gating as it generates no revenue. Why do peole do it - 'cause they do not understand the situation they are in and will continue to do it until one day they get a lesson in reaction times and stopping distances.

    It's all in the training but as we know car drivers do not undergo real training!