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tail tidy on a zx6r 05/06

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by shady_knife, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. would that be legal in australia?

    if not, would the cops care?


  2. Haha that looks defective from the word go. If you can somehow bring the plate back towards where the Yoshi badge is and let it dangle there you should be okay.
  3. yeah i thought it would be.

    just sucks having such a nice rear end and having it ruined by the number plate and blinkers.
  4. Agreed but what can you do. The pigs just want to fine us for anything and everything they can find against us.
  5. Fail...lol
    Shame really. This is about as far as you can go and keep it legal
  6. its not a fail, its an american bike, and afaik is legal over there, was just wondering if its legal here.
  7. lol canary waiting to happen
  8. No.


    Looks like a bag of arse from this angle anyway.
  9. Mate your question was... would it be legal in aus. Nope fail nada not.sorry to help
  10. this is what I did on mine :



    It has integrated tailight (includes blinkers :) ) tripage adjustable FE plus Rizoma blinkers (super bright). I had to create the L shaped brackets to hold the blinkers and also created the ring that holds the FE on the pipe.

    its a DIY but still cleans up the rear very nicely I think. Been pulled over few times, no complaints so far.