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Tail Chop - GSX650F

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Trekka273, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. I have just finished installing an Ermax undertail to my Suzuki GSX650F. I wasn't a big fan of the stock tail, and for a while I considered just trimming the stock unit down, but I wanted it to look really nice so I got the full undertail.

    The unit itself was really easy to install and in general the whole job was pretty easy, just a bit time consuming with painting a few bits and pieces, taking my time running the wires to keep it as neat as possible, etc.

    I am pretty happy with the outcome, and it wasn't all that expensive all up either.


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  2. The only whinge I have about fender eliminator kits are that they are often conveniently designed to allow small stones to be launched at 100km/h with perfect aim at the throats of riders behind you.

    I have a feeling with your plate where it is, it should be ok. It does look a lot nicer than stock, thats for sure.

    I wish the current model 650F didn't have such a butt ugly paint scheme, or I'd be considering one.

  3. Yeah, i haven't seen the latest paint scheme in the flesh, so I am not too sure on exactly what it is like. Certainly different, thats for sure. I like my paint scheme, totally black. There are still lots of black models for sale in the shops.
  4. Don't see how. Stones are picked up at the contact patch and flung off tangentially, i.e. from the bottom half of the tyre. The factory fender won't stop them - you'd need B&S utes style mudflaps.

    Looks great IMHO. With the number plate might even be legal...
  5. I agree about the paint scheme. I'm thankful I bought a new K9 model recently, so it's the classic Suzuki Blue and White paint scheme. I don't hate the new K10 paintjob, but I'm not wild about it.

  6. I was going to get the GSX650F but opted not too, didn't like the look in the end.

    God it has an ugly exhaust!

    Good work though mate, the fender elim makes to rear look tons better.

  7. I must say the exhaust is big and ugly but the rest of the GSX650F is big and beautiful. When my riding mates saw the my GSX they were impressed until they saw the exhaust pipe..... "holy crap that's big, why so big....hmmm don't like it". So I cracked under pressure a bought a Yoshi R77 slip-on..... much better.

  8. Thanks, appreciate the compliment !

    I agree, I hated the stock exhaust from the first second I saw it. That is why I fitted a Yoshimura TRC carbon fibre pipe as my first modification, which was only a week or two after I got the bike. I only ever rode it twice with the stock pipe, the first as the test ride and the second the day I got it. I still have all of the stock parts at home, so if I need to use them to get it through an inspection, etc I can put them back on pretty quickly.

    I have now got my list of modifications down a small number. I have done the pipe, the fender eliminator and screen, now all I have on my list is a Puig carbon fibre look hugger and some braided lines. Down the track I might put a Power Commander and Auto Tune on, but that isn't high on the list.
  9. Thought about removing the upright bars?

    I've got Vortex 41mm/7 degree clip-ons on my Gladius, phenomenal difference.
  10. Do you think you need the Power Commander?

  11. I like the stock pipe.


    Sounds great - silky smooth, big and shiny.

    Bring it on.

  12. Not really at the present time. It is only a distant thought of something I might look at later on. Certainly not something I am looking to do anytime soon, thats for sure.

    With regards to clip-on's, one of the reasons I got this bike was because of the slightly more upright riding position. Having a bad back and shoulders, laying down too much really hurts.