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Tail box/bags. Suggestions and a (new?) idea

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Superunknown, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. Hi guys

    I’ve got myself an SV650 for my upgrade in Feb. Problem is that there is no storage on the SV. The Hyo that I’m riding came with a Ventura rack which I am finding incredibly useful for general use around the town, storing m/c gear and carting books etc. I’m looking for ideas, suggestions about what you guys have devised as well as what you have found on the market.

    There are a few alternatives on the market besides the $350 Ventura rack.

    The most promising product is from luggage locker (http://www.luggagelocker.com/). It’s a bag that zips onto a base plate which replaces the rear pillion pad. Although a good idea, it is expensive for what it is (in comparison). Plus I’m not sure that it will be particularly secure because of the zip-on construction. Security matters because I often leave my jacket and/or helmet with the bike. The material bag would be as good as any other material bag I guess.

    Apart from the Ventura rack, there are also the top boxes. I looked at a Givi box, and most bike shops seem to sell them as a unit for about $130, with just a base plate and screws to mount them. However the frames on which to put the mounting plate cost an arm and a leg.

    More digging on the net found me a person in the USA who took the padding off a spare rear pillion pad and screwed on a top box. This made it removable. So I’m thinking that if I carefully unpick the pillion seat covering, remove the padding, and screw in the Givi box mounting plate I could have removable storage. If I ever sell the bike apparently you can put the pillion seat back together with a decent staple gun, or I reckon an upholster could do it for a small fee.

    I am planning to go single seat rego anyway and that would involve a seat cowl for when I’m not using the top box.

    Good idea? Alternatives?

    Mods, if you feel I placed this topic in the wrong section of the forum I totally understand if it is moved.

  2. There is a netrider around who has done teh same thing, and it is a fantastic solution.
    I would say don't carefully unpick anything, go around to some wrekers and find yourself a spare, then trash it and mount the top box. this way you can esaly switch back and forth.
  3. I have a Ventura seat bag. It clips to a pad that is strapped to the seat. I have the larger bag which holds a fair bit of stuff (I use it mainly as my work bag for overalls, lunch/tea and other stuff).

    There is also Ventura's sports bag which velcros to a sports rack that can be removed and replaced with other Ventura fittings/accessories. It is handy and I have it on the bike all the time, carries my wet weather gear and tyre gauge and pump, justin case.

    When I purchased the Ventura system I got the rails, the main rack and a 50l luggage bag, the grab rail and the sports rack and bag for around $450 all up. The seat bag cost about $100 later on.

    It may look expensive but it's so versatile a setup and doesn't look that ugly when you're not touring or anything if you wish to remove all bits and leave the grab rail on, for example.
  4. I'm in the same boat myself, does anyone know of anywhere in Melb that'll do the Ventura rack for under 300?

    Haven't seen the seat box myself. Sounds interesting though.
  5. I just bought a tail bag for my partner and it's a brilliant little thing! It can take heaps of luggage in the back and just straps to the pillion seat. It only cost about $120. Then you just unclip the four tags and away you go!

    The pic shows it when its compacted. It'll actually open out into a bigger size to take more.

  6. Dougz looks like he has the easiest and probably cheapest solution, unless you DIY it that is.

    My sv came with a rack and bag. I'm pretty sure I could fit a pillion in the bag, its gianormous :LOL:
  7. Recently got an Oxford fabric tailpack (similar to Dougz') from Bikemart for around $60. It's brilliant. Velcros under the seat pad, plus ockys, and virtually impossible to remove without unlocking the seat pad.
  8. I just picked one of these up and there great ,really only taked 10 seconds to take off or put on .

    looks very good and very compact.
    Plenty of room for rain gear and lunch and drink ,a few tools ,phone wallet etc ....great for every day and un zip it to make it bigger and it would be ok for even a over nighter for a guy :wink: .

    I had a ventura rack on my old bike and it takes the sleak look off the bike alittle .

    And when its not attached to the seat the black base mat it clips to just blends in with the seat and you don't really notice it.

    No ventura rack for me any more, the tail pack is the go. :wink:
  9. Cheers for the suggestions.

    This is an interesting suggestion. The reason i was looking at Givi boxes and Ventura racks over tank bags and tail bags was because i usually store at least some of my gear on my bike. If i don't store it on the bike, i have more of an incentive not to wear it. So i need something fairly roomy and secure. Currently there is a bike chain securing my Ventura bag to the bike, looped under the pillion pad. Not particularly secure, but satisfactory.

    So for the guys with tailbags:
    Would you be able to fit a helmet and/or leather jacket plus gloves in a tailbag?
    Also, because i'm going single seat rego, can you fit a tail bag to a seat cowl and do you think this will wear the paint?
    Are tailbags as "everyday usable" as a ventura rack or Givi box?
  10. I'll only speak for the model I got:
    - it will take a helmet, probably a jacket (if it can fold) but not both.
    - you cannot fit it over a seat cowl (the instructions specifically warn against this).
    - it appears fairly waterproof, and comes with an additional waterproof cover
    - There is nothing to stop someone opening it and taking the contents. It has straps for you to use as a backpack off the bike, so that's your security I guess. The unit itself would need to be cut free to be stolen.
    Hope this helps.
  11. The tail bag in the picture can't fit a helmet and would be lucky to fit a mesh jacket .
    The idea of the tail bag is to take it with you when you leave the bike.
    Same as the ventura bag ,you can't really be 100% sure it will be there when you get back to the bike ,all they thieves need is a knife to cut the material that the chain is attached to.
    But it is water proof.
  12. Ummm... NO!
    They come as a extendable 14 - 22 Liter version (Which I have) and at full extension will hold a helmet. Without extending it will hold a pair of Dririder pants or a pair of MX Greaves. I have never had reason to try it with a jacket.
    [EDIT]It just occured to me I have my mesh jacket and Tail pack with me now, So I tested it, the jacket fits in the pack without extending it.[/EDIT]
  13. Opps my bad :oops: .

    Looks the same as mine ,and I tryed to fit a helmet in it and it didn't fit. :wink:

  14. Ventura makes the 14-22 (Imola) bag, and also makes a smaller 10-15 Liter (Estoril) bag. They used to also make some 12 Liter ones that didn't expand, though i don't think they are available any more.
  15. Actually guys, I think the one in the pic does fir a helmet (though not much else!). It has an expanda-thingy on it. I'll check it tonight when I get home.
  16. Thanks guys, this info is helping. Bugger about tail bags not fitting over seat cowls. It looks like a tail bag is not what I'm looking for.

    I had a look at my dad's Givi box fairly closely and i can't see why it won't work when bolted to the pillion pad. This is still looking like the best option given i can find a decently priced spare seat.

    I did compare the Hyo and SV Ventura rack setups on the Ventura website. They have different part numbers and so i supposed that they have slightly different dimensions. Also i read another article on this forum about trying to buy the L bracket without a bag. It seems that you need proof of ownership of a Ventura bag before you can buy just an L bracket. All the tags from my Ventura bag have gone, presumably the previous owner pinched them.
  17. Check the motorcycle wreckers for a ventura rack or givi.

    If you buy the used bike mags you see the smashed bikes in the wrecker section still have the racks on them ,you might be able to make some thing up with a used one.
  18. Probably a bit late now, but I got an Alu-Rack rather than a ventura bracket for my GS500. It sits flat and you can then attach pretty much whatever you want to it. Looks heaps better than the arms the Ventura and givi ones use. I got it from motorradgarage in WA