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Tail bag for virago?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Katepants, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    If anyone could reccommend a decent bag to fit on my little virago's pillion seat that'd be great.

    Checked if there was a thread on similar topic, couldnt find one, but apologies if there is.

  2. hey kate,

    welcome to NR

    Ive got an Oxford tail pack.


    It basically straps to the pillion seat using a verry complicated system of high tech occy straps. Its a good little unit. It has a waterproof cover and has a zip out expansion that makes it big enough to fit my laptop bag in (just)

    I really dont use mine much with my new bike but i have a few oxford products and the quality looks good all for the chieftly price of around $50-65 depending on where you look

    oxford also have a few smaller ones too

  3. Before I bought my saddle bags and tank bag, I just used a back pack I had, strapped it to the chrome rail, worked a treat.
    But once I got the tank bag, I only use the backpack if I am going away.
    Aldi have tank bags on special as of this coming thursday for $50, I wouldn't be without mine now. Being able to slide a map in the plastic pocket is really convenient.
    Here's a pic of the bike with the backpack strapped to the pillion seat,
    Alli did the same thing on her Virago too, mine is the one with the blue bag.
  4. Thanks for the input guys.

    Yeah I was considering popping down to my local ALDI to get a tank bag, just wasnt sure on how good it'd be. Might pop down today and see if they have any left.

    Still interested in getting the tail bag though, who knows, maybe ill get both!!!

  5. The tank bags at Aldi are not available until this coming Thursday,
    11th sept.
    I've had mine on the bike constantly since I had it, 55,000 kms later and its still in perfect condition.
    It has 3 sections.....
    flat base with magnets and a plastic pocket, and 2 tank bags, one small, one large, that both have plastic pockets for maps, can be used seperately, or zipped together. One is also a backpack.

  6. yeah i noticed that in the cattledog after i wrote that :p actually sounds like a good buy. you should be an ALDI sales rep. lol.

  7. I have a set of Willie & Max saddle bags for sale $120 if your interested, put them under the pillion seat, had them on my Suzuki Intruder.