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Tai Chi

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by cruisingal, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. I am thinking of taking up Tai Chi classes. Is there anyone that practices this and what are the benefits that you get out of it?

  2. I don't practice it, but my grandfather does and he's extremely fit and healthy and very with it for someone his age... so i'd say its good!
  3. Never been into Tai Chi (or Chai tea :LOL: ) but I used to do a bit of Karate. I always found practicing to be relaxing. It's also good for balance and flexiblity. Tai Chi should have similar benefits. Give it a try and see if you like it I say. :grin:

    I also highly recomend fire twirling. :grin:
  4. I'll pass on the fire twirling Seany :shock: Somehow I don't think that would be relaxing :LOL:
  5. Crusingal, I used to practise Tai Chi religiously everyday, for me I found it very beneficial for the mind and body, made me quite flexible, disciplined and made my concentration levels much higher.
    Nowadays on the odd day I do it just to help relax my mind from the hustle and bustle of everyday living and stresses, but don't find the time now so much due to other priorities such as now owning a bike :LOL:
    I would recommend it to anyone who has will and determination as it isn't as easy as it looks, takes dedication and alot of practise, but none the less is very fullfilling, oohh and did I mention it makes u more flexible :wink:
    Go for it girl :grin:
  6. I think you have convinced me Alli....not the mind and body bit, the flexibility :LOL:

    I used to do Pilates, which I loved, but class times have been changed and the new times don't suit me. :evil:

    Everything went to mush really quickly after stopping the pilates :oops: :p :evil:
  7. *mush* yup I am familiar with that term nowadays, unfortunately :cry: gawd I hate getting old lol
    Anyway hope it all goes well for you if you join, trust me you will find you are a much relaxed person in the mind and oh trust me from the flexability side of things, the bedroom (or wherever) is your oyster, if ya get my drift :wink:
    Reminds me I must get back to doing Tai Chi, bodies getting a bit stiff these days :oops:
  8. It's great for stimulating your proprioception. :cool:
  9. I've put on several kg's over the break and it's only because I wasn't playing any sport :evil:

    I have never had a weight problem until 2 years ago when I changed jobs. I now weigh what I did when I was 9 months pregnant :roll: :p

    This is the year for me to return to my previous svelte self :LOL: I hate gravity :evil:
  10. Do it girl ,I have been doing TC for 5 years and cant believe what it does for me physically and mentally.
    I know a couple of TC instructors in Gippy , who's classes you thinking of joining?.
    BTW TC will do sweet F/alll for weight loss but I agree with Alli about TC helping with flexibility, balance and a calming the mind amongst the turmoil of todays hectic life styles.
    Like all martial arts it takes years to perfect but only weeks to enjoy the benefits of practice.

    The only thing better than practicing TC on a wild southern ocean beach is probably riding some of your Gippy back roads on a warm clear midweek day.

    Or sex :grin:
  11. I was practicing Tai Chi back in Perth, haven't had much time for it of late, would love to find a class or even get together with some people in a park to practice again.

    Depending on *how* you are practicing Tai Chi you can get different benefits from it, the place I was studying through did have some extra classes on the Martial aspects which was more intense and active. I.e how to use "repulse monkey" to break someones nose or similar.
  12. I'll be taking it up for the mind/relaxation aspect of it.

    The local community health service are running two sessions a week but they are fully booked. I'm on the waiting list, and when it has about 10 people on the list they will start an extra session up.

    Think I will have to get a couple of friends to join up as well so I can start sooner :grin:
  13. sith jester what style or forms did you study?
    we should form a NR Tai Chi class :)

    Cruisinggal let me know who your teacher is when you start as I said I may know em . I know of 2 excellent black belt TC teachers in Gippspland both have represented Australia internationally on numerous occasions and where trained by the same academy that I train with.
  14. Go the Yoga option I reckon.Tried Tai Chi but wasnt my cup o tea(no pun intended)Been doing Hatha Yoga at my local community house for about 5 years, at the prohibitve cost of 6 bucks a lesson :eek: Absolutely Love it.But either one are Fanatastic for the flexibilty without being too strenuos.Both tend to centre you physically and put you in touch with all the muscle fibres in your body,leading directly to the mental well being.Its da chit :wink:
  15. Would they be from the Golden Lion Academy...?
  16. Thanks for the tips everyone :grin:

    Sirprice - will let you know as soon as I start :cool:
  17. How did you guess?
    Monty B do I know you from another life ie TC.

    The two that I know are Si Jie Chris and Si Jie Lyn
  18. I used to do Tai Chi when i was in Chang Mai Thailand. Its really really hard at first. You need good balance and timing to keep up with the pro Tai Chi'ers. By the end of the morning im normally rooted from Tai Chi. Since Im back in Aust, i havent looked back at doing Tai Chi again.
  19. sirprice : a Bejing form with I think 24 'steps' so a fairly simple one, I had enough time and classes to get through the whole form but not to really reinforce it all. Having moved interstate the step by step guide is still packed :wink:
  20. I have a Paul Lam beginners DVD Bejing 24 pm me if yo need a copy I think I can supply a one if you need one.
    Plenty of TC academys around Australia these days no matter what state.