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Tag - vic

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by marcus1974, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. [Vic] - Tag you're "it"


    Hi guys I got this idea from the ST-Owners forum, and thought what a Great Idea...

    If anyone is interested (depending on how many of you are from Victoria, or you can start your own state one? It's a great excuse to head out and go to places you normally wouldn't head to...)

    I'll start off... if anyone's interested in it, that is...if not I'll just let it die...

    TAG Rules
    • Photograph your bike at the current tag location showing both your bike and the object/landmark in the photo.
    • Photograph your bike at the new location showing both your bike and the object/landmark in the photo.
    • The order doesn't matter, you can ride to the new spot first if you like.
    • Post both photo's, the current and new tags, to officially 'move' the tag.
    • Another rider must then repeat the sequence above to move the tag.
    • If your tag location was previously tagged (during the current year), it will not count, might be a good idea to get 2 pics so you have an alternate.

    Hint: It's on the Great Ocean Road


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  2. I go there now but the road is still closed between Lorne and Skenes Creek :(

    *Edit - And I can't be assed going the long way round... Traffic is hell down here cause it's a sunny day
  3. Oooooo...nice game....combine photography, riding, and bragging about said transport and location in the one handy game :) AND it encourages people to go the extra mile for that extra cool tag photo!

    I assume the new tag photo has to be taken on the same day as you hit the old one? [or at least the same w/end!] yes?
  4. No take as long as you want...So long as someone else doesn't beat you to posting it here...