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tafe carpark blues

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by twainharte, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. soooooooooo, the tafe i now attend charge a fee to use the "student" carpark. this year it's:

    student association member: $2.50/day
    non-member: $5.00

    last yr it was $1/day if one was a member. i could have lived with that.

    from my search there is only 4 dedicated mc spots. i noticed only 3 mc's within the whole carpark.

    i'm looking to write a letter to whomever the head honcho is that decided the price hike without giving any reasonable concessions to the few mc riders that use the facility. given that we impact very little i'm sure i have some valid points to address.

    and this is where the problem lies:

    i need to articulate this.

    i figured all the brain power on here may be able to help, give pointers, maybe reference some material and whatnot so i can prepare a letter that's well thought and then perhaps co-signed by the other riders that use the carpark.

    the plan is to get the fee reduced or if lucky, abolish it. yeah, i know, wishful thinking but i'm prepared to give it a go:)

    i've come across this: http://www.mccofnsw.org.au/a/30.html

    any other's, tips, thoughts?

  2. which tafe do you go to mate? when i was at st leonards tafe a couple years back it was $2.50 for members, and $12 for non members... the bikes just rode around the boom gate :LOL:
  3. that's what i might end up doing. it's granville tafe. street parking is a scary alternative in that area.
  4. They charge for parking at TAFE these days?? :shock:

    I'm glad I did my TAFE training in the days when education was free in this country.

    Bloody money-grubbing governments :soapbox:
  5. That price hike is criminal!

    Just ride around the boom gate, i did that at the hospital the other day when i went to visit someone. As if im going to pay to park on the foot path. :LOL:

    The whole paying for parking thing REALLY gets me pissed off so i hope you win or at least get the price reduced. Sorry i cant help you will the letter, best of luck though. :wink:
  6. Which tafe do you go to? I go to Lidcombe tafe, ive been going there the past 2 years, this being the 3rd year now.. its always been $2.50
  7. Oh, Granville tafe.. okay :)

    Yeah, I went to Granville tafe a few years back now..
    I wouldnt trust any street parking around there :?
  8. Unless your bike's insured and you want a new one...
  9. ride around the gate.
    i use to go to granville tafe but cant remember how much room you have to manouver around gate but most gates alow enough room for bikes.
  10. jwent back to tafe today, thought i'd park the aprilia outside the window so i can keep an eye on it. it was out of the way, but the security guy still rolled up in his golf buggy and started writing something out while checking the license plates. rushed out and had a chat, not sure what he was writing but he told me i could keep it behind the cafeteria. which is a hell of a lot closer than the dodgy carpark
  11. mate, i went to quakers hill tafe last yr. parking was free or a once off nominal fee was applicable. anyhoo, i use to park it right outside the window on the quadrangle. every now and then, take a glance and all was sweet. some of the other riders caught on and we weren't hassled one bit by security! happy days :)
  12. i think one can squeeze past. that's not the problem, though.

    it's actually a manned gate. i might have to become buddies with mr rent-a-cop.
  13. I reckon you Sydney guys and gals should try and organise some big demo to put pressure on the state government to allow parking on the footpath.

    I've got some good ideas that might help to ruffle some feathers :)
  14. True
  15. hahaha at monash uni we park for free, prob why theres sooo many bikes there :LOL:
  16. Damn the Man
  17. the jist of the proposed letter. certainly not the final version since it needs alot of tidying and there is an issue of plagiarism since i borrowed text from:





    are there any concessions for motorcycle riders wishing to use the tafe car park?

    why do motorcyclists pay the same rate of parking fees when their bikes take up less space and impacts far less than a car?

    Motorcyclists recognise the need to pay their fair share, but strongly object to being charged at the same rate as a car.

    For the purposes of the Roads and Traffic Act, A motorcycle is classified as a vehicle for the purposes of charging for parking. So is a bicycle, yet we do not see bicycles being issued with a parking ticket for failing to
    meet these same Regulations.

    There appears to be an inconsistent application of the relevant laws, favouring bicycles and punishing motorcycles. A motorcycle carries a registration plate and it is therefore simple to pursue.

    a fairer option would obviously be free entry so long as the motorcyclist utilises the 4 bike specific parking spots that are currently available.

    from my recent observations there have only been 2-3 motorcycles parked within the campus grounds at any one time, all of whom have been utilising the bike specific parking.

    the bike spots are greatly appreciated as the option to lock the bike to the pole provides an added security measure since motorcycles are much more vulnerable than cars.

    Motorcyclists are reluctant to use off campus street parking because of the risk of damage from “bump parking†by careless drivers.
    A motorcycle can be tipped over from this practice, resulting in serious damage which can render the machine unuseable.
    Even a minor impact can break foot controls, which are not designed to absorb impacts of this type.
    Towbars can do serious and expensive damage to fairings and engine casings.

    if the demand for parking spaces increases the obvious alternative is to park in a car space. contrary to popular belief, motorcyclist are a courteous lot.
    within the mc community we understand that 2 bikes can fit comfortably within this one car space. and we take advantage of this.
    if two bikes can fit in 1 car space why should two bikes then be charged the same rate as a the one car that would occupy that one space?

    according to the motorcycles council of nsw:

    "The correct rate for a toll should be one-quarter the rate for a car." (perhaps this ratio should be applied to work out a fair parking fee.)

    Motorcycles have a number of advantages to road management

    *Lower road space occupancy with small size
    *Low road wear with low weight
    *Low traffic congestion
    *Low exhaust emissions with smaller engines

    Motorcyclists are happy to pay a parking fee.

    As long as it is a fair and reasonable rate of fee..


  18. Perhaps it needs a mini paragraph at the start to summarize what you are arguing about, instead of just a 'hit you hard' style questions.
    Same with the end... asking for a resolution to the problem that would be fair.

    It seems a lot of the arguments you have copied from the MCCNSW aren't actually relevant to a car park..

    is not relevant to them - they probably don't care

    Perhaps just asking for suitable number of motorcycle spots at a rate which is fair to the users would be the best method to undertake this argument.
    Hope this helps
  19. well, the 'rentacop' natzi bastard finally nabbed me coming in thru the teachers parking.

    mindyou, this particular entrance has a number of cctv but unfortunately i made my entrance in full view of him so i guess he had to come on over and beat his chest.

    "today", i have to park it outside :(
  20. Pity it's not Victoria - I can definitely help with any TAFE parking issues here. (They have a tendency to listen to the branch that hands out capital works funding :? )

    As someone who deals with TAFE facilities all the time here's my suggested plan of action.

    Write to the facilities manager at the TAFE and cc a copy to the TAFE Director (Barry Peddle). Also write to the State MP for the area and also to the Minister responsible for Vocational Education and Training in NSW.

    Write - don't email. See if you can get other riders to do the same thing. Don't all copy each others letters, each do your own.

    Include supporting information from NSWMCC about what is a fair parking cost. Point out environmental/traffic/parking advantages of encouraging motorcycles and scooters.

    Also call the local papers (not necessarily the SMH etc but the local ones - they are more likely to want to print something - they are always looking for stories and TAFEs are often surprisingly sensitive to local community newspapers, they see themselves as part of the community). Offer to set up a photo opportunity with you and your bike at the TAFE (they really like that).