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Taco Bill Night - 8th Feburary

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Jimi, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. THIS IS UP NOW TO GIVE PEOPLE PLENTY OF NOTICE. Notice: Plans will not be changed - we have tried to make it central and at a reasonable time. If you are unable to make it, bad luck ;)

    Taco Bill - Tuesday the 8th Feburary.

    99 Queens Pde
    Clifton hill

    Meet at 7pm (half price meals finish at 8pm)

    Let me know if you are coming for booking purposes. :D

    Sir Skuffy
    Crumpetman + Guest
    Flymo Rider


    Mizz ZZR + 1
    Pink Angel
  2. You can put be down as a maybe, not sure where I will be working from on that date, but will certainly make it if I can.
  3. Hey Jimi, put me down as a maybe also. Have to work out the babysitting situation.
  4. [EDIT][again]
  5. Yep, considering that you're not going to change, put me in as a definite.
  6. yep i'm in
  7. I am in.. love mexican
  8. Add myself and titania :)

  9. Add me in please, I am newie!
    So will the 25/1 Taco Bill Dinner still going?

    if it is, I am in for both! :p

  10. Count me in for this one. :D
  11. Yes Vivian, the 25/1 taco bill night is still going ahead. i have counted you in on that one.
  12. Sounds like the Taco Bell night on Tuesday went well. Anymore takers for the next one......?

    I will book next week.
  13. Sorry to be a pest, But Motazooma's is a much better Mexican restaurant. There is one in Richmond.....

    Just a thought.
  14. Put me down as a maybe, will depend on work.
  15. Mmm, mexican.

    One tequila
    Two tequila
    Three tequila

    Count me in :p
  16. Ok...put me down as a maybe!

  17. Inner.....i wont book myself up in advance this time :D
  18. Ahh sorry jimi, but I only just realised that it's Chinese New Year's eve. I am required to participate/help in the celebrations and won't be able to make it after all :( Sorry dude.
  19. Hi Jimmi

    I will be there, you can now change my status to definite.


  20. Hi All,

    I am booking tomorrow (Wednesday) for 12. Let me know if the maybes are coming, or anyone else for that matter.