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"tacky" bikini race

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lowercase, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Chicks go to the beach in bikinis, they play beach volleyball in bikinis and we swim in bikinis, etc. This race is set in one of the beachiest places in Australia where people to go to hang out in their swim wear, swim lots and have a good time.

    Photo of Eva cox



  2. It is sexist...

    They should have a race for entires (and geldings?) in budgie smugglers as well.
  3. good on the Women's Electoral Lobby for selecting a man as chair.
  4. Even if he has a girl's name.

    Seriously though - Good luck to him! (y)
  5. With handicaps based on penis length? :bolt:
  6. Eva cox (pronounced as ever cocks)

    There's a conspiracy there
  7. I wonder if Matt Shirvington could still win the race taking into consideration his (dis)advantages ;)
  8. if there was $5k up for grabs for a lads race with compulsory mankini uniform, I'd give it a crack (no pun intended). I'm pretty quick off the mark and would give it a good go.

    Shame is, nobody wants to see that sh!t.

    I wonder how many of the participants felt exploited?
  9. What a fkn surprise. Another ugly middle aged feminist is opposed to young attractive scantily clad women showing off their stuff, and she blames the menz for it.
  10. Sorry guys, I'm with Eva
    How dare women go out, have a laugh and try and have some fun when there is still housework to be done. I feel like sending an E-mail to them, thanking them for showing "sense and marching down the race track and telling us to grow up"
  11. ...Eva "sucks" Cocks..... :-k
  12. How dare women be comfortable enough with their bodies and feel safe enough (from cultural repercussions, **** [showing off like that, they're asking for it, aren't they?], etc.) to run a race in their bikinis, thus showing that they are physically capable. And that's just the start of it!

    And those marathon runners, don't get me started on them!

    I can see the point, and it does have some merit... but on closer consideration, its more complicated, and this event is actually something of a sign of some of the (positive) changes in our society regarding women.
  13. They should turn the sprinklers on too!

    That was sarcastic by the way.
  14. So.....no photos of the race?
  15. No, it's being held in December.
  16. If the bush pigs didn't protest against this stuff, you'd never know it was on. Good on em.
  17. Yes of course it's tacky - but hey, we're talking about the Gold Coast! I thought being tacky was compulsory there. (and they'll probably be more tastefully dressed than some of the patrons)
  18. #18 Mr Flibble, Sep 29, 2010
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    Hollywood Park - (from where the GC turf club got the idea)


    They've sure got a funny idea on how long a mile is though...