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tackled wisemans ferry today woo hoo

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by chickibabe, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. Well I finally did it. We had a family get together today at wisemans ferry so hubby and I rode out to there :grin: , after only saying I would not be up to it only a week ago :oops: . And I have to say I still have a smile from ear to ear. I got a little nervous when a huge truck came up behind us but I pulled over and let it go. Oh and the bike that was travelling behind me and hubby thanks for being patient with me. You would not have missed me I had my bright orange vest on. It seems to make me feel a little more safe out there :) It was good seeing alot of bikes down there. Well anyway Im out all this week riding as have a week off, so were going back to wisemans ferry through the week and another day up bells line too, so if anyone wishes to come along your most welcome. I'm just so over the moon at how well I went today :p . I'll be unrestricted before I know it :grin:
    So was there any netriders there today?

  2. Nothing succeeds like success!!! Congrats on your rising confidence levels :grin:
  3. Congrats to you for conquering that last twisty bit before you get to the ferry.
  4. I know that was a little hairy, but hubby said I did it extremly well lol. Now that I'm got the hang to turn my head to were I need to go it is alot better lol.
    Thanks guys for you support.
    Cheers Lou
  5. You forgot one important point.

    How was the beer?
  6. Not sure about the beer mate I'm only on L's so zero b/a worst luck, not worth it, so can you tell me what the beer is like, there was alot of bikes at the pub so it must be good lol