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Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Bronzewing, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. Has anyone installed a tacho on their cruiser ? If so, where did you get it, how much, installed yourself, degree of difficulty etc ?

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  3. What do you need a tacho for?
  4. Tacho can be installed without too much trouble on any bike.
  5. didnt even have to open the thread to know there would be a comment like that :p

    whether or not you use them in town riding on a cruiser, engine RPM is still vital info for diagnosing problems
  6. any engine, even.
  7. Just change gears when the breathless thing starts to run out of puff. That will be well before the theoretical redline :wink:
  8. Should have known not to ask ! ! :shock:
    All my previous bikes have had a Tacho, I miss looking at one.
    With earplugs, wind and road noise, it's not always possible to hear motor.
  9. Try adding a louder exhaust to your ride. You won’t need a tacho to know what your engine revs are. A bonus is it will sound better as well. \:D/
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  11. Hehe, I had one on my SV. Haven't bothered putting it on the blade as I dont use enough revvs to care which gear I'm in. If I end up getting a 250cc commuter I'll stick it on that.
  12. I bought Baron's big handlebar tach from BaronCustom website. Comes out cheapest, with direct delivery to Australia.
    Great tach, easy to install, instructions for all bikes.
  13. Tacho is great .. hope pic posts
  14. PKjets, may I know where you bought the tacho and for how much? Was it easy to install?

  15. Sorry to revive this.

    I am also looking for a tacho for my bike, was wondering if anyone here uses the Cobra tacho? Just want to know what you think of it.. I'm quite interested in it as it's a nice and small unit and considering the strong AUD$ against the USD$, I'm tempted to buy one.
  16. they can be pretty innacurate though