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Tachometer for Honda VT250C

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Splatt, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. I've been riding this bike for a couple of weeks now (still on Ls) and I think I want a tacho. Question though, what is the rev range for a 1999 Honda VT250C? I found some specs for a Kymco Venox 250cc, which is basically the same bike, that says max output is 20.6kw at 10500 rpm. So I'm thinking a 12 or 14K taco would be the go? Any ideas? Most of the tacho's I've seen are onyl till 8k, but I think this is more for Harleys or bigger cube engines.

  2. have a look at some digital tacho's, would be easier to mount (smaller) and you dont have to worry about a max reading then, most digital ones would adequately cover your rev range. Better yet look at the acewell computers, speedo, tacho, etc all in one.
  3. Tacho

    Cool, thanks for that, I'll check them out. :grin:
  4. Acewell 2900 Tacho

    Well after spending two months in the states, I was unable to obtain the Acewell tacho that I wanted while I was over there (the stockist was out of stock, but he could have one in after I left the states...). So when I got back to Oz I bought one from S3 Performance. Ended up going for the 2900 model;


    I doesn't look out of place on the bike, but buggered if I can get it to work properly.

    1. Temp Sensor - My mate had a good idea (famous last words), tap a thread into a small pipe and fit it in-line in the radiator hose.

    Small problem, I measured once, cut once then, DOH!, 19mm pipe doesn't fit into a 17mm hole. Maybe it's cut twice measure once... :? But now I have cut the rad hose, I have to make it work, so I adapted the fat pipe down to fit and ended up with this;

    http://splatt70.110mb.com/projects/Photo-0083.jpg :LOL:

    OK, it's ugly and I also found another design fault, face to sensor into the wind and the wind chill prevents the sensor for reaching it's minimum operating range of 40deg C.... Useless.


    Next, the clamp, hose, clamp, hose, clamp hose, etc.. combination started to leak (no surprise really), so I put a call in to the local bike shop for a replacement radiator hose. None in stock, 3 weeks out. OK, I ring the Honda dealer, none in stock, three weeks away.... So I found a bit of copper pipe and did this;


    Stopped the leak anyway, but I have no temp sensor....

    2. The tacho. Got hold of the wiring diagram for the bike and worked out with an old electrical tech mate which wires go where and set about splicing and cutting. The thing just reads erratically, except when going at speed. It's reads about 6200rpm at 100kph, which I guess is about right for a 250???? Searched lots of forums, checked the earth, changed where I earthed it, put a resistor inline on the sensor wire, still the same. Mate #1 thinks I've got it reading the computer ignition advance or something.... dunno. Fall back option is to wrap the sensor wire around an ignition coil lead, not very stylish but I will give that a go next.

    Any suggestions?
  5. The last post in this thread was more than 4 years ago so I am not sure if the author is still here and if he is still riding the same bike but I have exactly the same situation. I hope someone can help me. Same bike. Same tach brand. Same problems.
    First I connected the signal wire to the negative side of the coil(black and white wire) and had no reading at all. Then I wrapped the signal wire around the sparkplug wire and got a signal but its very irratic .
    . resistor didn't help.(only lowered the rpm readings by 500). Should I connect the signal wire to negative or positive side of the coil? I can upload the wiring diagram if it helps.
    Now to the water temp sensor. Reading the previous post I realised that adding a small piece of radiator hose instead of cutting it could be a good idea. ( so I can remove the temp sensor without replacing the original hose). But I have no idea where I can get it. Super cheap auto has got only car hoses which are 40mm+ in diameter. I need a hose with inner diameter of ~ 18mm. Which shop I should head to pick up one?