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  1. Called TAC today.

    I wasn't in hospital long enough after my stack on Monday to qualify as 'admitted' so I have to pay the first $564 (or have $564 worth of treatment) before TAC will cough up any moolah.

    I'm anticipating a CT this arvo so will try and get it bulk billed as the value of the scan is applied to the threshold.

    Hate to think how much I have paid in premiums over the years.

    I'm still extremely lucky not to have sustained more severe injuries but I'm still peeved that on top of losing the bike, being in pain and having to chase up insurance and medical that I have to dip into my pocket.
  2. Yeah Jeimbo its called the "bend over" principle. :wink:
  3. I'm in the same situation. I empathise completely.
  4. You should still be able to include these fees in your statement of claim to the other party.

    For example, "if you punched me in the face, why should I have to pay the first $500 for dental work?"
  5. So the moral of the story is to make sure that you're "admitted" to hospital so that you can claim full TAC benefits?
  6. Yep. Find another pain or irritation that gets you over the magic 4 hour stay which then makes you 'admitted'.
  7. Does it include surgery and waiting room time? If so, I'm up to about 11 hours.
  8. I don't know there is any time limit. Its all to do with classification. Until you get a bed you are an "outpatient".

    I would also investigate claiming the out of pockets ($500) back from the other party either directly or through your insurance.
  9. They reckon call the hospital for info - I called Northern and they said >4 hours is 'admitted'.
  10. Go in the ambulance. Then you won't have any problems. :)
  11. Not possible dude. [​IMG]

  12. I was taken from accident site to hospital in an ambulance. Even stopped to have a morphine break :p

    Time of admision to time of discharge old son!

  13. +1
  14. Hrm, TAC were tops to me, they gave me loads of money. sorry to hear you're having troubles.
  15. As it happens I won't need em but the circumstances were agin me if I needed some coin from em. I just needed some more hospitla time!!

    Glad you did okay there Loz :cool:
  16. System worked perfect for me.
  17. Hey, just because the TAC won't pay out doesn't mean that you have no recourse of claiming that money.
  18. Never said there wasent recourse.

    I simply said you can't claim such costs against the other parties Policy. :wink:
  19. You can minimise the impact of the excess by using services that are bulk billed or by getting reimbursement through your private health insurer/medicare.

    TAC apportions the cost of the service not what you are out of pocket towards the $564. So a standard GP consult (bulk billed) costs you nothing but it is worth $32.10 towards the excess.
  20. A CT scan could well put you over the $ limit. My recent one was >$600.
    The reason for the "excess" is to discourage "frivolous" claims. While I believe it's a bit high, it's understandable.

    Another interesting thing is to go to accident and emergency at a private hospital. They are more likely to class you as admitted once they know it's a TAC claim - :wink: