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VIC TAC What were they thinking this time

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mike8863, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. We all know TAC's proclivity for slogans and billboards full of salacious, condescending verbal diarrhoea.

    This latest billboard has me both annoyed and puzzled as to which genius thought it a good idea.


    On the right we see mr plod, portable cash register in hand, hot and ready to go...

    and the slogan ........FFS.....the logical interpretation has it
    'even so your always doing the right thing, your still in the firing line and expected to add to the states general revenue'... wtf .. ????

    '@'TAC... how does get fcuked sound...
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  2. So what, specifically, are they offering SAFE drivers, apart from the assurance that they won't have their hands in their pockets???? We know the penalty for breaking the law; what, specifically, is their reward for people KEEPING the law??

    Strange mentality; why draw attention to a question for which they have no answer?
  3. I think they mean they're after safe drivers money as well as unsafe drivers money!
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  4. Maybe they chase you down if you're under the limit, lights and sirens and all, then give you a hearty pat on the back and a "well done"
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  5. That would be similar to being stopped (on a bike) and handed a pamphlet on safe riding. That has happened before. So not totally unrealistic.
  6. Probably refers to slogan 'there is no such thing as safe speeding'... I'm thinking someone thought it was subtle enough that everyone would 'go yeah right, gotcha.' :woot:
  7. I think what their trying to say Is by us being here to catch speeding drivers as a result of that they are creating safer roads for the safe drivers not speeding.
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  8. Good Interpretation, I must admit the meaning of this campaign eluded me. In any case the message is muddy and poor campaign copy. If the meaning is not clear and concise it is a FAIL. Back to the drawing board for the Ad agency.
  9. Where's the confusion here?

    In pure math terminology:

    Marketing (is not equal to)* TAC

    *cant find a "not-equal to" sign....
  10. I think it means if u drive safely you will cop a fine
  11. I assume it means "Too many people are driving as what we define as safe. Time to lower the speed limit.
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  12. Nearly as bad as this distracting advert at the side of the road: distracting drivers and riders trying to understand it :facepalm:

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  13. Haven't seen that one, it must have been short term. EPIC FAIL
  14. It's not a fail at all. I suspect someone in marketing has been trying to slip the truth out for ages has finally managed to do it, and the TAC 'checks and balances' or editor didn't pick up on it.

    "We're here for safe drivers too" - we don't care if you're a safe driver or not, we still want to book you.

    The truth on a TAC billboard - I honestly never thought I'd see the day!
  15. I noticed that sign on the way into Melbourne last week. I had the same experience after seeing it, I was confused and thought I must have misread the the sign.
  16. The TAC gave a guaranteed revenue stream. their outgoings (apart from fact finding tours to the Seychelles) are injured drivers. passengers, pedestrians and riders. Reducing their outgoings you could say is legitimate. They should have nothing to do with bookings as none of that money comes to them. There is a bit too cosy a relationship between them and the fine industry.
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  17. ding ding ding!
  18. There goes someone's marketing career down the plughole ...
  19. TAC Statistics & Analysis Department

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  20. It's TAC - they will get promoted for that!