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VIC TAC wasting your money

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mainstage, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. Good thing I didn't change my avatar . And the t-shirts are back in fashion . :(

    The trip included travelling first-class.

    TWO high-flying TAC chiefs spent $46,000 on a 12-day European “study tour”, travelling first-class, staying in five-star accommodation and billing the taxpayer for tips, coffee, and designer stationery.

    The Transport Accident Commission’s chief executive Janet Dore, who is paid at least $460,000, even billed the public for a return trip to London from a quick private getaway to Venice.

    And TAC director Sonia Petering was granted a three-day extension of her trip and headed to Paris for a couple of meetings and “free time”.

    On a separate 10-day trip to Toronto, Canada, for a conference on insurance claims, TAC chairman Andrew Dyer received approval of almost $18,000 for expenses.

    A look at how much the trip cost.

    He has previously been questioned, in his role as the State Government’s representative to the US, over a Las Vegas trip where bills charged to him showed he claimed on the taxpayer a taxi to beer bar Hooters, and a night at the Caesars Palace hotel.

    The Herald Sun obtained papers through Freedom of Information detailing the global travel bills and diaries of the TAC trips last year.

    The TAC announced recently it was shedding 70 jobs at its Geelong head office, and is engaged in a dispute with workers who have refused a 1.38 per cent pay rise.

    Ms Dore billed for designer Montblanc pen refills, a 69km taxi ride costing almost $400, a four-shot espresso, Evian water and even restaurant tips.

    Ms Petering charged for a rail ride to Paris and a $227.20 global roaming phone bill.

    The study trip included visits to London, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Geneva, where the executives were having talks with representatives of other road safety organisations.

    Ms Dore paid for her own accommodation in Venice.

    The Opposition’s Road Safety and TAC spokesman, Luke Donnellan, demanded the Government begin an “immediate review” of the TAC’s travel expenses, describing the expenditure as “insulting” to staff and taxpayers.

    TAC spokeswoman Cath Allen said the road safety organisation had changed its travel policy in January to scrap first-class travel.

    Directors and CEOs could now only travel in classes up to business class.

    Ms Allen would not comment on specific expenses claims, including for the designer pen refills, the cab fare, or on why some meetings could not have been held via other means, such as Skype.

    “The travel by TAC board members and the CEO was in line with the TAC international travel policy,” Ms Allen said.

    “The road safety leadership tour of Sweden, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom was about sharing experiences and insights that have made those three nations the world’s best-performing countries for road trauma prevention.”


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  2. This isn't peculiar to TAC. Public servants and politicians have been rotting the travel system for ever. What makes it more heinous is the blatant way they defend it by claiming it is within policy.
    Change the friggin policy then. Exposing and shaming the individuals is a start but allowing this culture to grow in the first place is the evil part IMHO.
  3. “The travel by TAC board members and the CEO was in line with the TAC international travel policy,” Ms Allen said.

    And who formulates the policy? The executive headed by Ms Dore.

    It is my hope that this blatant cashing in is a signal that the most cynically self-interested leadership group in TAC (and VicGov) history is getting ready to take the money and run. Can't happen soon enough.
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  4. Go easy fellas, this is middle & upper management we're talking about, not the plebs asking for a 1.38% payrise.

    Besides, they have all that 'Safety' Levy money sitting there, why not spend it on a junket?
  5. The mont blanc pen refill is hillarious, glad it's not my tax money but I wouldn't be surprised if similar happens up here.

    I have a suspicion that the TAC hadn't spent their budget so what better way to spend it? The unfortunate thing about the way government departments and even some companies are run is if you don't spend your whole budget there's no incentives or even pats on the back for saving money. It's a matter of use it or lose it. I suspect this is the case here.
  6. Personally, I find it utterly disgusting that what should be the best no fault 3rd party insurance scheme in the country should be run down and misdirected by these reprehensible, self serving, grubby individuals.
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  7. Agree and when you put on top of that" there anti motorcycling agenda over a number of years plus the abserlot arrogance of Janet Dore in all the media she does . It's time for a change at the top .
  8. I actually have met her,guess where
  9. Tender Touch on Dynon road? (I only go there for the Kebabs, I swear.)
  10. no on a tram in the city, i was wearing my tt jacket and she asked if i rode i told her what bike and her reply was i hope you weare apropriate gear
  11. You are joking ?
  12. i didnt know who she was at the time , she did say she worked for tac, she seemed normal to me .
    actualy i quite enjoyed the conversation she was quite witty
  13. Bloody hell, this news was sickening to read. I was hit by a sucker doing an illegal u-turn. Nearly killed but five months in hospital and years of rehab later I'm still very unwell and all along it has been a horrible battle with the TAC getting them to pay for anything.

    It is nearly impossible to recover when you are struggling to buy medications, being forced to wait months in pain - so much pain - for surgery while TAC argue with your lawyers (and lose) over the cost of treatment. Over $150,000 in legal fees and counting on my case alone - all wasted by TAC because they fought unwinnable battles hoping that it would all get too much and I'd give up.
    They hope that you just give up - that you just piss off and give up.
    That's where they're mistaken; road trauma survivors don't give up. You reading this Janet? Hamish? Cath..? Could any road trauma survivors neglected by the TAC please pm me. TAC goons welcome ;-)
    Seriously though, the thought of Janet kicking back at the pointy end while road trauma survivors suffer neglect makes my blood boil.
    This is the end.
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  14. It would be worth it if those TAC f*****s had a joint trip with MUARC and Victoria Police, all flying business class and staying at top hotels with unlimited f*****g expresso shots and f*****g Montblanc fountain pens and just pulled their head out of their arse and noticed that Europeans drive around at up to 200km/h, even in countries where the motorway / rural speed limit is a lot less than 200km/h, without crashing and also without getting pulled by the police, who are busy doing more important things than enforcing speed limits to +2%. Then applied the same philosophy to Australia.

    If that happened and they got a clue, that would totally be worth the 20-f*****g-odd $15,000 expense claims.
  15. I believe Matthew's point is the most valid. The obscene gratuitous behaviour of TAC senior management and their self righteous indignation at it being questioned in light of the uncaring and pithy cost cutting to the victims the commission was created to support in the first place should have our parliamentary representatives looking closely at their employee's behaviour. This makes the government look like bad managers, but will the almighty dollar speak louder than any votes?

    The act needs refreshing. Being the only mandatory insurer, for the TAC to have a road safety marketing budget is obscene. The dividend payable each year also smacks of hypocrisy.
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