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VIC TAC/Vicroads to demonstrate ABS motorcycle.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by MalTravieso, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. Don't know too much about this.
    Vicroads and TAC have found the need to organise a demonstration of an ABS equipped motorcycle.
    Why? Future legislation?

    Freight 2011 –Safety Day

    Run Order

    What: Motorcycle ABS Demonstration
    Where: Sandown Racecourse, Princes Highway, Springvale
    When: Thursday March 3
    Start Time: 11am
    End Time: 12 noon
    Parking: in main car park in front of the main grandstand
    Event contact name and number: Rob Perkins, VTA Project Director - 0411 402 832

    What is the Motorcycle ABS Demonstration?

    VicRoads and TAC, with assistance from Bosch, are providing a demonstration of a motorcycle with ABS. This will comprise of a briefing and demonstration and opportunity to ask questions.

    Who will be attending?
    30-40 guests are expected to attend. Guests will be from the motorcycle industry, government agencies, associations and vehicle safety groups.

    This demonstration is free. Please note that participation in the motorcycle ABS demonstration does not include entry to Freight Safety Drive Day, which is also being held at Sandown Racecourse that day.
  2. Time to grease Sandown racecourse :demon:
  3. Wheres, Boyracer on this one, Hahahahahaha
  4. what's that going to achieve jd?

    ABS doesn't manufacture friction from nothing, nor can you get it if you don't have abs.
  5. I'm thinking about going down and demonstrating traction control through wheelies on the same day.
  6. Similar results for both the ABS and non-ABS bikes.
    Just to show it's not a magic solution to reducing rider fatalities.
  7. No, just a truck load of gravel.
  8. Hehehe, just heard a story on Monday of a rider at Broadford trying out his brand spankin ZX10 and threw it into the scenery at crash corner.
    Hard under brakes and the ABS kicked in dramatically increasing his braking distance, poor bastard ran out of road.

    The rumour files suggest Kwakasaki are looking at importing some non-ABS to solve the problem.
  9. Thursday late morning? :censored: no can do. They are going to rail road anybody there who hasn't kept up to speed on ABS.

    Mal, where did you hear about this?
  10. What do you mean?
  11. I would expect that the people who are invited wont be up to speed on the wider issues surrounding ABS on motorbikes - I say this even about the motorcycling people on the invite list. The ABS thread confirms that even motorcycling folk don't understand the full picture.

    It's my guess that the peeps are going to be wowed by a straight line demonstration from a bike with a top notch ABS package. The peeps will walk away thinking, "Yep, all bikes should have ABS." unaware of the other issues and unaware of all the motorcycle configurations and uses and the reality that top notch ABS isn't going to be widely implemented.
  12. Yep. I tend to agree Rob. The fact that it's co-sponsored by Bosch suggests to me that the demo bikes will be BMWs which have, I suspect, about the best sorted systems currently available. Certainly should have, given that BMW/Bosch have been developing them for over 20 years now.

    As I've said before, I consider ABS to be a good idea for the average, all weather, commuting rider. I would, however, as I've repeatedly stated, oppose any move towards compulsion and I'm deeply suspicious of the current enthusiasm displayed by the powers that be.
  13. TAC have been promoting ABS and encouraging road users to purchase 'safer' cars for many years, without attempting to making any technological advances mandatory.

    So why the paranoia that they have this hidden agenda to make this mandatory for bikes? Some times I think people really do wear tin foil hats.
  14. Have you been under a rock KK?
  15. They should have a suicide demonstration day. I'd skip work to watch that.
  16. ..... an hour all up doesn't seem like sufficient time to demonstrate and take questions, does it?

    plus, who is the target audience (and will non-attendance be used as a statistic about motorcyclists not being interested in safety, I wonder??)
  17. ESC mandatory in new cars in Vic from 1 Jan 2011
    - http://vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home/Saf...BuyingASafeCar/ElectronicStabilityControl.htm
    - http://outbacktravelaustralia.com.au/doc/ESC-Madatory.pdf

    ESC mandatory in new cars nationally from Nov 2011

    In Victoria, head protecting technology such as curtain airbags will be mandatory in all new cars manufactured from 2012.
    - http://www.howsafeisyourcar.com.au/safety_display_car.php
  18. ^^ Just because it is on the Internet doesn't mean it's true , just kidding.

    I will go back to under my rock now, LOL. :oops:
  19. Thanks for demonstrating my point perfectly KK.
  20. From what I can gather from the freightweek website tickets to the event are $350 each, demonstrations are 'free' once you're in there :facepalm:

    website here