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VIC TAC Vic: another anti motorbike spend

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Heli, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. I've been involved with the film business for many years, and filmed for TAC a few times, but the current fiasco takes the cake.

    They are currently filming another 'motorbike educational advert', focussing on cages turning into bikes. Not to educate car drivers not to bl**dy well turn into us, but to 'educate' us to anticipate such an event happening :-s

    And the icing on the cake? Not a motorbike to be used in the shoot, all POV shots for the bike are being shot from a car, with the bikes added in post/CGI ](*,)

  2. Our levy at work.
  3. I've belted on for years about the roadcraft required to handle cars at intersections or turning cars. The message isn't going to get through to the car centric 12 times a year rider because they aren't on NR reading it & they ride like they drive. If they see it on TV it may possibly help them develop better roadcraft skill.

    What I do find fascinating though, is that this is TAC admitting that poor driving & new car blindspots can put PTW'rs at risk. They've thrown in the towel on educating better drivers & have targeted a rider's sense of self preservation to deliver a message.

    Any idea who technically consulted on the add?

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    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  4. This sort of thing sh1ts me. Ok we know we have to watch out for ourselves - but these adverts give drivers the impression that they can do what they want and we have to get out of the way...
  5. nah i really dont mind this.

    it would be be better for them to tell car drivers to look out better etc, but in reality, no matter how many times they show the same ads on tv, someone still wont see 'that' bike and will pull out infront.

    at least this way, its helping the riders look after themselves and possibly avoid a crash situation altogether by noticing the key movements the car is making eg; wheel at full lock, edging closer to the road..

    even if the car driver pulls out, we should be able to avoid the situation.. we are responsible for our own safety, im sure we have all been told 'ride like you're invisible'

    still wouldnt mind a few bike awarness ads tho
  6. Sadly enough thats exactly how car drivers think! ](*,)
  7. Heli,
    Was that you on Bell St this morning mate ?
    On my way to work and kept riding near a Beemer like yours..even same reflective outfit ;)
    I was in uniform on my way to Tulla for an 'early' start...
    Nice ride, if it was you.
  8. Nickers,

    No, 'twas not I! I'm now on a black K-GT, something different until the 1600GT comes out ;)
  9. They did an add like this not long back in queensland, it's the most bullshit campaign I ever seen.

    EDIT: found it

  10. well there are quite a few riders out there who ride the same way they drive their car, ie, with their head up their ar*e.

    you see it all the time, riders riding in a car's blind spot then beeping the horn, shaking their fist and generally carrying on like a pork chop when the car driver changes lane.

    in the end, we are responsible for our own safety.

    my 2c

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    Yeah, but as Tony says, and this is the biggest safety issue for experienced motorcyclists (i.e. those who have been riding for a few hundred hours or more and have developed a skill-set to reflect that fact),

    ... i.e. drivers may relax their *legal* responsibility to take the extra time it requires to identify oncoming motorcyclists as opposed to oncoming cars, SUVs, buses, semi-trailers etc (and the extra headcheck required to identify motorcyclists in blind-spots before merging), because of the belief that any collision with a motorcyclist is at least partly the motorcyclist's *moral* fault for not exercising appropriate defensive riding or roadcraft.

    So while there may be a net benefit to inexperienced motorcyclists, in telling them to practice defensive riding and roadcraft, there is a detriment to experienced motorcyclists, because by my definition you're not telling them anything they don't already know and aren't already practising, yet you're exposing them to more risk from drivers.

    This is symptomatic of the TAC's dumb as fvck mentality and VicPol's incompetent and biased collision reporting that leads the TAC to think (a) motorcyclists are killing themselves on the road; therefore (b) raise a levy upon motorcyclists to tell them to stop killing themselves on the road; in order to achieve (c) our mythical holy grail of vision zero; in order to justify (d) significant increases in our remuneration.

    There needs to be a new media campaign from the TAC telling drivers in the most graphic terms possible that if you don't look out for motorcyclists, you are eventually going to kill one through negligence or reckless indifference at the wheel of your 1.5 to 2.5 tonne weapon, and you are going to have to live with that fact for the rest of your miserable and pathetic life.

    Like lsJs4AYa8sU[/media]]this.
  12. well from my point of view, im sure as hell gunna avoid them. and ive never even driven a car.
  13. Ditto!
  14. lol well thats the general idea chrissy! No matter how much we try protect ourselves,we can never predict 100% the abject stupidity of the average cage driver and ads like the OP is talking about do nothing but further the average mindless,moronic cage drivers thoughts that regardless of what they do,its our fault for not avoiding them!
  15. if it's somehting like this I wont mind

  16. people should'nt ride or drive with their head up their arse period.
    we have as much right to be on the roads as any other road users. and the fact is lots of us are on the roads.
    so if you can't see an oncomming motorcycle (moving toward you at the posted speed limmit) when driving a car, then you should'nt be driving a car imho. and it's the car that is 100% responsible to give way to ALL oncomming traffic.

    there is truth to the matter of drivers not recognising motorcycles when looking at them sometimes and therefore not seeing them, it happens. but that is what needs to be addressed. don't put that back on the rider.
    when they drive a car they need to learn to look for EVERYTHING that they are obliged to give way to. cyclists, motorbikes, pedestrians, horses, enviromental electric scooter eggmobiles (whatever the near future brings to our roads).
    the TAC really needs to stop living in the past, start outsourcing for expert advice and taking that advice. or nothing is ever going to change and they will just keep wasting our money.
    it sickens me that this country is so far behind worlds best practices in these matters. they should just clean house at the TAC and get some fresh educated minds at the helm.
  17. and whatever major motorcycle organisations are representing us should be demanding a royal inquiry into why the TAC is consistantly wasting money (and our lives) on foolhardy campaigns that display such ignorance for their authority.
  18. Put this down to another example of bad market research in Australia.

    As we are well aware, TAC have hired research firms to conduct interviews with riders. MUARC has done similar work. What they have uncovered is the advice that we riders give each other about avoiding numpty drivers.

    We know among ourselves that there is nothing WE can do to change driver behaviour. TAC has taken that message to heart and is effectively telling us that there is nothing THEY can do about driver behaviour. When plainly there is, and what's more, they have a responsibility to do so.

    They have failed - yet again - to understand that the personal responsibility message that riders give each other is NOT this rider-only responsibility message that they are keep putting out. This message is actually dangerous because it is so poorly targeted.

    I've worked in advertising and market research long enough to see this kind of thing happen over and over again - organisations gathering material and then failing utterly to understand it. The blame lies mostly with the market research company and their staff, but the TAC executive ought to have seen the problem too.
  19. What authority is that?

    TAC is an INSURANCE company. I don't know what responsibility or authority you're suggesting a royal commission to investigate?

    I hate some of these "motorcycle safety" ads. I think they are worse than a waste of money - the "it's up to you to reduce the risks" ad incited more anger against motorcyclists in some riders' experience. But I'd rather have the TAC than the system in other states where it can be difficult, if not impossible, to get insurance that will cover your medical expenses if you are at fault... and if you run off the road and crash because some cager cut you off and didn't even bother to stop, well who do you think that accident would be blamed on?
  20. Mighty fine point there matey,back in 06 i had a f$%wit pull in front of me and stop in the right hand lane on a 4 lane road (2 lanes each way,80 ks zone,i was in right hand lane) to avoid t boning the arsehole i ended up in the back of a stopped car. I saved the offending drivers life by not pole axing the bike into his drivers door at 80clicks but ended up with 2 busted wrists,a fractured hip and dislocated right femur 8-[ After the f$%khead watched me fly 3 car lengths in the air and bounce off a concrete guardrail he pissed off! No one got his reg because they were all concentrating on me and hence forth accident was classed as "at fault" as i hit the back of a car....hip oeration was worth $40k,each wrist was worth $15k and about $10k worth of hospital bills....all payed for by TAC without a question,not to mention they paid for all the rehab equipment i needed and set up the house so i could move around and shower in realtive comfort. I no longer complain about the TAC insurance wacked on our reg because i surely have got my monies worth! Having said that i dont understand why i need to pay the TAC insrance on 2 vehicles (car and bike) i can only use one at a time!