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VIC TAC urges Victorians to look out for bikes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Chef, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. *Boom* We did it!!!

    Somebody woke up the TAC. Massive shout out to Maurice Blackburn and the tireless efforts of a few key individuals who have been pestering the TAC of late. Awesome work folks, now give them hell.

    TAC urges Victorians to look out for bikes.

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  2. Kudos to those that have been plugging away. :applause:

    It's a big step from the TAC and is in step with the "user or abuser" campaign that's just been kicked off. Good to see that the TAC has (in something only slightly firmer than diplomatic speak) acknowledged the role that drivers play in VRU injuries.

    I look forward to the day when the TAC properly, candidly and frankly attribute the cause of more than half of VRU KSI's - driver SMIDSY's.

    Edit: Just with respect to the motorcycle fatalities count, we're on par with the same time last year and the YTD total is one less than the 5 year average. Traditionally, Feb has an average fatality count of about 5, varying between 3 and 9... we're currently at 4 for this month. Touch wood it stays at that level.
  3. Could somebody please use the link above and draw the TAC's attention to the fact that we have warm weather every Summer. And if we're seeing a 'spike' this year it's most likely to do with other factors like oh I dunno.......driver inattentiveness and lack of respect for vulnerable road users.

    I don't see the connection between riders killed by SMIDSY and what the temperature is.
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  4. Watch this space. Are the planets beginning to align?
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  5. I have just asked them this...

    "I applaud the TAC for finally sending some sort of message to look out for vunerable road users.

    As a motorcyclist who was knocked off my bike by an driver who was eating toast I have one question.

    How is this information given to drivers?

    Does the TAC release anything to the main stream media by way of ads or radio spots?"

    Its all well and good us being aware but how does Joe Average find out????
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  6. Hey yeah I just saw that Aus, good work mate.
  7. "The latest TAC research shows that 76% of people believe it is a shared responsibility between rides and drivers to ensure motorcyclists are seen on the roads."

    what's this shit ?

    i'm not responsible for what a driver sees. i have no control over their eyeballs.
  8. ima go to face book an tell them they are still full of shit
  9. This is a critical point.=D>
  10. I'm with MT1 on this. All well and good to be sensitive of everyones precious feelings and keep underwear un-bunched.
    But short of some kind of light bending clocking device I am not responsible for someone else SMIDSY'ing me.
    It is common sense and survival instinct to ride to avoid it.
    But I am being cynical, good to see something not overtly negative.
  11. and the other 24% work for TAC and Vicpol
  12. No but there are lots of things you can do to make being seen easier.

    - Like Headlights on,
    - Light coloured clothing (notice I avoided the words HiViz).
    - Not riding in blind spots
    - Not riding too fast when splitting or filtering
    - etc.

    Yes cars should see bikes but bikes are smaller and harder to see in the overall scheme of things.
  13. Blindspot SMIDYS are still a driver error, but yeh, don't increase the likelihood of it happening. Still, they don't occur as often as right of way violations. ROW violations are often cognitive & physiological failures from drivers. Even if hiviz did make you more visible, the driver waiting at the intersection needs to respond to your approach. They're looking at your size & guessing ur far away rather than tracking their eye along the road & confirming it... But you might not be far away at all.

    ROW SMIDYS are mostly a driver, not a rider, error. If the TAC made that plain i'd think the world would have turned on its head.

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  14. Try telling that to mine and Chefs mate Dan...
  15. i think after re-reading, perhaps it's meaning is intended as 'road safety is everyones responsibility'

    specifying motorcyclists could be an olive branch.

    difficult to trust any information from the TAC.
  16. I wonder if the increase in SMIDSY is parallel to the proliferation of smart phones?
    I notice more and more drivers with heads down at lights. They move off when traffic seems to roll again and only then, about 2 seconds later actually look at the road in front.

    OT sorry, but if you had an accident and there was a possibility that the driver was using a phone at the time (not texting or calling) could you find out. Ie playing solitaire on their smart phone? Tricky one that!