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VIC TAC up to its old tricks again

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by smee, Jul 17, 2014.

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  1. What a crock of shit, don't mention that the driver illegally pulled out or rider did nothing wrong, as for the name I'm leaving that one alone
  2. <sigh> Looks like a turd, smells like a turd....
    Do not trust these cnuts. Ever.

    What's interesting though is that VPs response on channel 9 about the same story somewhat cut the legs out from under TACs poisonous spin. Lack of co-ordination?
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  3. "If you crash into a motorcycle rider, there's a 90% chance that you'll kill them." (Not necessarily an exact quote, but it's close enough)

    Where do they get these bullshit statistics from? For a start, it depends entirely on the circumstances. If a motorcyclist travelling at 20k's is rear ended by a truck (right in the centre of the truck's bumper) doing 120k's, the chance of death will be so close to 100% that you may as well call it 100%.

    OTOH, the dude who was deliberately bumped up the back end by the grumpy Hyundae driver (in another thread) had a miniscule chance of death.

    When will these fcukers learn that their dumbed-down beige cardigan mentality is such a poor fit to reality that only complete morons would even consider believing it?
  4. Yes the rider could have done a bit more observation but this thread is about the TAC response and its propaganda being ramped up yet again.
    If you want to discuss the riders riding start a new thread and just discuss that.
    BTW since when was 30 kmh at speed?
  5. The 90% stat was from the well meaning rider. Interesting that the producers didn't seek a more expert opinion. Luckily they didn't get a rider who was all and only about rider onus as the rider in the clip would have been shot by his own side.

    I suspect Sam Cockfield said much more but they edited in only that which fit the agenda of the producer. She'd know that right now the rider road toll is the second lowest in 17years and the lowest since new records started... But we'll never know if she said this stuff.

    If she didn't then we'd absolutely know that TAC is taking a political strategic spin path to target riders again.
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  6. On a positive, The interview does show Sam C giving a road sharing message. This is positive as a while back it was all they could do to blame riders for every injury/crash.

    Channel 10 deserve a kick in the pants for stating the percentages as self evident evidence of the dangers of riding. Last years bike toll was one of the lowest on record.
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  7. I watched it again and now my question would be who originated the story?

    I don't expect we'll find out for sure but I don't think it started at TAC. It looks to me like TAC may have just responded to a line of questioning by the reporter. In which case it's he and the editorial team who have concocted the negative spin in the piece. They also somewhat contradict their own headline but I guess that's what passes for journalism now.

    If Ten simply found the footage on social media and decided to build a shock piece around it, they hold the blame. But in the end it's still the message that TAC started pushing several years ago and now it's coming home to roost.
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  8. I think the response by the TAC vs the response by VicPol tells a telling story.

    It's quite obvious the TAC are anti motorcycle and while they are allowed to sprook their bullshit as fact then the general public will continue to believe it's ok to not notice us.

    As this is about the TAC, I won't point out the obvious.
  9. "A high speed smash" according to the news reporter turns out to be "between 40 and 45 km/h" according to the rider. The video definitely doesn't look high speed either. If 40 km/h is high speed, what they do they call >130 km/h? Beyond warp speed?
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  10. I see nothing anti motorcycle in this video. Most of the stats come from the TV reported or the other rider. If the rider was doing 40-45Kph then it was too fast for this situation . I see this thread as a one sided attach on TAC by a motorcyclist riding dangerously. Not denying that the driver is also at fault.
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  11. Given the only thing the rider did was not anticipate the actions of the driver, I fail to see how he was riding dangerously.
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  12. My guess, opportunism (footage doing the rounds on social media) cobbled together with TAC's push this year on protective gear:
    "Warning to riders after research shows more than half skimp on protective gear" 27 Feb 2014

  13. I'll say it again and this time will threadban those who can't read.
    If you want to discuss the dos and don't of why this guy had the accident START ANOTHER THREAD
    This discussion is about the reporting of the incident and the TAC response .
    DON"T piss me off!
  14. Sorry Dad. I'll just go sit over here in the corner and be quiet for a bit.
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  15. The rider featured in the that TAC article is the rider featured in the news article.

    Looks like this might have been TAC orchestrated afterall.
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  16. It's not proof TAC forwarded the crash footage and editorial slant to Ten (Nine screened it first after all) but it is proof that TAC assembled the interviews, stats and gear message to take advantage, at least.
    Where the negative spin came in is still open.
  17. Yep, was hoping that’d get noticed (was interrupted in middle of posting, sorry). Thanks Rob. :)

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say they orchestrated this specific story, but that it fits with TAC’s over-arching agenda and therefore TAC would be happy to oblige and use this opportunity to step up to the plate. That press release with the same rider was back in Feb.

    What often happens is that some bright spark notices an eye popping clip, or some other snippet/tip. To build it into a small news story they then look for an angle to tie it it to, who they can interview, talking heads etc. The angle/spin will come from the reporter, producer, or chief of staff etc ... don't forget the bod that gives it the nod to go ahead.

    Of course, TAC would probably be top of their list as a primary “authoritative” source to turn to for grabs – depends what direction/angle they want to take with the story - and as a source to also tap for additional talent, eg the rider. They’d have TAC’s recent press releases to hand, would probably also check TAC’s site.

    Would be preferable of course for the likes of VMC to top the list instead of TAC, or to be equal front of mind to approach when it comes to stuff like this... not an easy task.
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  18. How about someone contact Ten and explain that a lot of accidents could be prevented by proper rider (and driver) training. Perhaps invite them down to the Sat morning skills practice?