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TAC - they got them everywhere.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rented, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. My bosses bosses bosses boss saw me looking at bikes, and it turns out he is a one of those that says "You're gonna kill yourself" and was aghast when I said I didn't wear leathers (I didn't elaborate for him, he can think what he likes). I wouldn't be surprised if he was of the 'You ride a bike, therefore it's your fault" persuasion. He's also fat, stupid pointy haired bastard in true Dilbert style.

    So where does TAC come into it? Well, he's recently joined us from Melbourne.

    **Mods: sorry guys I hit the wrong forum. Please move to Politics.
  2. send him back to mechico, we meees him lol
  3. take him swiming at a local beach........
    just make shure you take down the croc and jellyfish warning sighns beforehand
  4. I don't wanna see him in Speedos....

  5. bikers are at higher risk of getting killed on the road -true
    bikers do most of the time get themselves into shit -also true

    but you already knew that, everyone knows that.

    however it is your choice to ride knowing the risks, anyone telling you what you should or shouldnt do can go suck a big one:>
  6. I dispute the second line there. And as far as the first goes, he's overweight. Higher risk of death from many complications.

    Right. Like it's his choice to do no exercise. But I don't ask him if he eats his greens.
  7. Well precisely my point, there are many other risky things in life and its up to the individual to accept those risks so long as it doesn't unnecessarily put others in a risky situation. people that others what to do are...uh..annoying
  8. Over weight, makes him prone to heart attacks and diabetes, Both will kill him,

    Make sure you inform him that his medical treatment is causing you to pay higher taxes to cover his ill health.

    I like the swimming in Darwin Harbour, better, Have a B-B-Que in his honour and fill him up with grog first, Hahahahahahaha

    And remove the Croc warning signs. hahahaha
  9. My bosses bosses bosses boss rides a scooter with a sticker on the back that says 'One Less Car'.

    I think my bosses bosses bosses boss is much cooler than your bosses bosses bosses boss.

  10. Soooo LIKE A BOSS,
  11. One of many people who thinks he's my boss, also thinks he's a rider.
    I've encountered him on the road and he possesses no real skill, absolutely no roadcraft, but a firm belief that the law will save his life.
    He's just bought himself a Striple.
    I'm watching the "Positions Vacant"...
  12. My boss's boss's boss complimented me on my purchase of a Honda, then dropped some other stuff he was doing to go down to the carpark and check it out.
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  13. Hmmm here's a plan. Get him sloshed, then get a carton of grog, and tie some meat to the bottom. Chuck it in harbour. When he asks for more, tell him some knob threw it out there and we need him to retrieve it and if he does he's awesome. I'll leave one bottle in the carton just in case the fauna is a bit slow off the mark and he has enough time for last drinks. I'm not without mercy :D
  14. So ummm, what's going in your company? Need a SQL person? :)
  15. My boss went for a little ride on my bike. Just up and down his street, but still...

    At least he didn't drop it, and everyone at my work thinks I'm doing a great thing.