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VIC TAC taken to task over its ad

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by smee, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Although it is mentioned in a separate thread I think this article alone needs a separate thread to separate the 2 discussions.


    The red highlight is mine just to show the mindset these idiots have. SORRY COCKFIELD it IS A NEGATIVE, very much so. THERE IS NO POSITIVE
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  2. Good find.

    I like how Cockfield tries the line about any publicity is good publicity.

    What a clown.
  3. Good read. Will be interesting to read the findings of the investigation. Wouldn't it be nice if TAC ad's were scutinised before airing or even before millions of tax payers money gets wasted.
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  4. So they know that turning cars are the problem so they target us instead of telling drivers to look properly before turning. :-s
  5. Yes, succintly put.

    Driver error in turning accidents cannot be spun into an antispeeding message.
  6. Cheers to Ian Munroe once again.

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  7. I wonder whether they realize they got it wrong but can't face admitting their mistake or whether they just don't get it full stop.
  8. well, considering they appear to be using the same rhetoric they used last time this happened, I'd say they don't get it full stop.
  9. Unfortunatley it is the latter, they just do not get it!

    Cheers Jeremy
  10. The message they're trying to put out is a good message, "you're responsible for your own safety". But it doesn't help it when they fail to even mention that any fault is placed with the driver

    Edit: The way I took that article is that: A) They either caused controversy on purpose to create the hype, as they suggested or the more likely scenario 8) They're trying to keep face by claiming it's sending out the right message, when in fact the target group it was aimed at (motorcyclists) are simply dismissing it as shit and they refuse to see it as such
  11. Sounds familiar.

    TAC - We don't get negative feedback, we get impassioned engagement!
  12. So wait Ms Cockfield states that its reasonable to assume that in most cases the turning vehicle is at fault, but then later says that the campaign was successful in alerting riders to their responsibility in the accident?

    Wtf is she on? How is this person the manager of such a company?
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. ...just incase you guys out there had any doubt, I think this part of the Age article should make it pretty clear that the parliamentarians on the committee are very switched on, geniune folks, discharging their duty with Integrity, and importantly for the doubters (I'm looking at your Grue!) are listening.

    My own dealings with the RSC members and their helpful staff have left me in no doubt about the sincerity of this process and of those involved.

    Let me give you guys a slightly different perspective. I just spent the weekend at the annual "Australian Motorcycle Council" Conference, which included a "few" hard nosed motorcycle advocates, and it was pretty clear to me that the nation's motorcycle advocates respected the inquiry and in some quarters lamented not having one of their own. This is a unique once in a generation opportunity to put forward the cause of safe motorcycling, albeit the Victorian perspective, but you can bet your bottom dollar, there will be echoes and reverberations outside of Victoria. One particular rep who had the opporunity to spend a decent bit of time with the RSC not that long ago, made it clear to me that his initial cyncism about "this group of pollies from Victoria" was utterly dispelled.

    I'm priviliged to have been given the opportunity to be in the pointy edged seat this Friday, to take our concerns to the inquiry. It won't just be my views that I'll be talking either, but the collective opinion and input of NR, and the many many conversations that I have had on all levels since the ad came out in May, and the many others I've spied on visiting rider forums in many corners of the net. I can tell you that it's very reassuring for me to know that whatever time I'm granted on Friday, will be a genuine use of my time.
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  15. Make no mistake, I'm flabbergasted that this is in the news. In a good way!
  16. Edit: Sorry. Really sorry I had to remove this one.
  17. Guys, keep the school yard abuse about someone's name out of this OK.
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  18. Understood why but understandably if she really gave a shit about the DEATHS her campaign seems to support rather than prevent then we'd not be as angry and resort to making fun of her name but point taken.
  19. I'm fully convinced by your (and others') comments.
    My only remaining fear is that, for all the sincerity of the RSC members, I hope that deals haven't already been done by senior public servants and certain ministers that undermine the integrity of the RSC.

    You've already done us proud.
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  20. ^this (both parts)
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