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VIC TAC Survey

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by adprom, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. Has anyone else recently been called on behalf of TAC for a survey?

    I had a call toay and as expected the questions were ridiculously biased to come up with a predetermined outcome.

    I wanted to know what they were up to, so played along. Questions such as

    On a scale of 1-10, if speeding in a 50 zone in the next week what do you think your chances of an accident are? Same for 60, 80 and 100 zones. Yet, they didn't ask what the overall risk was!

    Also questions such as "How interested would you be in rebates on safety gear?" or a question to that effect. Quite a few questions around enforcing wearing full safety gear and whether you'd be willing to have a registration rebate for doing so. Also whether it should be enforced, and how effective you think it is in an accident?

    It also asked how many times I have seen the MC ad where the rider mysteriously drops it into an incoming car.

    Lastly, the questions were "Do you think motorists have a positive or negative view of motorcyclists".

    Then they asked "why" which set me up for the nice answer of "because advertising campaigns portray a negative perception of motorcyclists to other road users".

    They also asked how much you go above the limit in various speed zones.

    TAC is clearly on a campaign to attempt to marginalise motorcyclists and the questions are worded in such a way to get statistics saying as much.
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  2. If they ring I be careful how I answer.
  3. if they call me i will tell them to kindly piss off.
  4. umm tell them what a good law abiding rider you are?
  5. yeah, thats it 8-[
  6. Anecdotally the first time this TAC ad was run there was an increase in negative behaviour by motorists towards riders. Be sure to tell them that.

    Wonder if they are only surveying riders or whether motorists as well.
  7. Have you got a source for this? Would love to tell them and be able to prove it
  8. try asking them to prove we're 38 times more likely. . . .
  9. Noticably F.A.T,
    No source, which is what I meant by anecdotally.

    But for example, at the time I had one car trying to squeeze into my lane (not a Smidsy he knew I was there) and when we stopped and I asked WTF, he said "Sure it's OK when you bikes split, but we can't"

    A few people on the Forums mentioned this and at the time there wqas some discussion whether or not it may be a pattern.

    Difficult to prove I know but intuitively, if you demonize a group, people take harsher action towards them, or at least not treat them with the respect they might otherwise get. In terms of car/bike mix this can lead to accidents.

    There is I believe some TAC data about people hwo empathise with bikes (e.g. motorists with riders in the family) being more likely to see them. Surprise, surprise.
  10. Sorry forgot to mention it was riders 18 to 25