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TAC stitching us up (in a bad way)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by CFVFR, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. I read the following with disbelief. Something that is supposed to help out accident victims is turning into the cause no medical professional wants or should have to deal with.

    Its a bloody disgrace.How can this happen in this day and age.


  2. Would the same happen if you had private health insurance? Not that we should NEED it, but I wouldn't be getting all political while waiting on an orthopedic surgeon! :p
  3. I recently moved from Melbourne to Geelong so I'm dealing with finding new doctor(s) + chemist(s) at present. A few have flat out told me they don't like dealing with TAC patients because TAC takes so BLOODY LONG to pay out the respective monies owing. I know with the chemist I was at in Richmond that every few months they would make the comment on how TAC is "not paying this, not paying that" until they get some more 'facts'/research. *shrugs* I've been getting the same medicines for 4+ years now, I don't know why sometimes they need to stop paying of 1 or 2 (or more) of them to get more research before paying.

    From anecdotal reports, most of the medical profession seemed to get hassles when getting payments from TAC, which when it comes down to the meat of the situation, TAC is 'only' an insurance company which in the nature of the beast, always tries to get out of paying as much $$$ as possible. I'm still personally chasing about $1K worth of reimbursements, some date back to 2008 for activities 'pre approved' by TAC...
  4. Since the overservicing by some surgeons, the TAC got very suspicious and now require a lot more paperwork and reporting.

    It's the usual story - a few of the medical profession who screwed it up for everybody.

    When I smashed up my arm I had no problems at all. I was in Warragul hospital and they even paid mileage for my wife to come up and visit.

    Interestingly a surgeon I was referred in Melbourne (who I was less than impressed with at the time) is one of the more vocal ones now.
  5. So in order to pull a few surgeons into line and they should know who those surgeons are the TAC is punishing its victims.
    I'm sure Sally Cockbreath is sympathetic to the victims cause there.
    Please save me the crap the TAC is dishing out, why should the majority suffer if the TAC is aware of which surgeons are flouting the system???? Trget them not the victims.
  6. I'd love to say I'm surprised by this… but I avoid lying.
  7. Reading through the reader comments there, quite a few of them seem to be suggesting that once the TAC did investigate those "dodgy practitioners" that it was found that most hadn't done anything wrong anyway. I do know that there was one high profile pair (husband/wife) that got caught, but AFAIK, they were the only two.

    I personally suspect that this has a lot more to do with the TAC's financials taking a battering as reported on last year (October 2009 from memory), and this excuse of "dodgy surgeons" is really a foil for a policy shift that involves reducing the outgoings by means of making it so difficult for people to obtain recompense that they simply don't bother, or use other means (private health insurance).
  8. Then Brumby is trying to get re-elected, fat chance mate.
  9. He was never elected in the first place.
  10. Fair point, but his party is trying for re election
  11. Sorry wasn't being smart. Forgot to add, it will be interesting to see which way an election will go. Some look at the party and some just focus on the leader. IMO he's not a leader.

    A bit like at National level now, Rudd supposedly would lose an election if held now, but most people still probably hate Liberal and just don't want Rudd.

    I don't really want either but what else is there.
  12. At this stage I'll just be writing "No thank you" when I go to vote.
  13. Vote for one of the non-major parties - they get federal funding directly proportioned to the number of votes they get. More money = more awareness, and sometimes they even get a seat.

    And put Family First last.
  14. I normally vote for the Greens and would like to again, but the preferential system we have forces us to preference all candidates. Unfortunately, this means that we end up giving our vote to one or the other major parties in the end anyway and at this stage I can't morally justify making that decision. We deserve a better choice so I think I'll just politely decline the current offer. Perhaps if the entire population did the same thing, they might get the hint.
  15. http://www.sexparty.org.au/index.php/policies

    To overturn mandatory ISP filtering of the Internet and return Internet censorship to parents and individuals.

    --Besides that, I like the sex party, have a few friends in it, there are other ok to good policies and they REALLY want to change the way life is now with both of the 2 major parties basically being 2 sides of the same stick. They may look to be opposite but when it comes down to it, they're the same thing [these days] ](*,)
  16. How much of their money goes to advertising instead of patching people up?
  17. At a European economic forum a few years ago, the subject of Australia came up. Apparently they consider Australia as a third world country with a first world standard of living.

    However, when you read about stuff like this you gotta wonder if our standard of living is starting to slip down the ladder.

    And as for these surgeons turning people away, so much for their supposed ideals about helping people. It should never come down to money, but it does. It makes a mockery of that oath these these people supposedly swear to.
  18. Back to OT for a second... as a practitioner i can tell you that while i would never deny someone care based on them being a TAC patient (pretty sure you aren't allowed to deny anyone care, but you could make them pay up-front so they have to chase TAC) but i certainly don't encourage them for exactly the reasons stated in the OP. TAC require multiple reports (which they don't pay you for and DO withhold their ever late payments for if you try to leverage for payment of an account), are VERY slow paying (we're talking months) and they pay well below the profession average for consults... why would anyone want to subject themselves to that when they're trying to run a business?

    The other kick in the balls for the real TAC cases is that you are assigned a case manager who usually changes once a year, knows nothing about you or your injuries other than what they read in your file and they decide if you require care or not and in many cases have no experience with the injuries they are judging or the care they are denying someone.

    I've had patients who really do require care, benefit from it and with minimal/maintenance care they are able to work and function (thus saving TAC a large payout) and are suddenly cut off by a new case manager because they don't think the person should still be receiving care. Either that or they send the person for yet another review, that person takes a day off work to go to see the TAC doctor and when they get in the office (very late) the doctor doesn't have any of the case notes because the case manager didn't forward them!!

    I'm all for them requiring an initial report and periodic progress reports (not stupidly close together) to weed out fakers but shit you have to pay people for their time and professional expertise and pay them a reasonable amount for consults if you want them to take on these patients.
  19. Considering it's our money the TAC is giving these medics I consider it a good idea that they are keeping an eye on them, we've all heard or personally seen the overcharging in the medical profession.

    Smee you'd be the first person to complain if it was shown that TAC wasn't spending your premium wisely :p
  20. I'm a man of action rather than a complainer, If I ever require TAC assistance believe me the case worker would need a restraining order to keep me off their back when it comes to dealing with things. I have made people at medicare cry and apologise when they could not explain in detail why I had to resubmit a claim because THEY made a mistake.
    Believe me you don't want to cross me when I am on song.
    It also helps to have a good solicitor/lawyer when dealing with the TAC in regards to correspondence and otherwise.