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VIC TAC says zero road toll by 2055 is achievable

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by gunissan, Dec 7, 2015.

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    A ZERO road toll in Victoria is achievable within the next 40 years, says the head of the Transport Accident Commission.

    Each of the 240 people lost on Victorian roads this year was more than just a number, TAC chief executive Joe Calafiore said.

    “Road safety is often spoken about in terms of data but it’s actually thousands of people getting affected by this,” he said.

    “We use the phrase ‘the ripple effect’ and it is very wide and it goes on for generations.

    “I look at the road trauma numbers this year and you can’t be anything other than disappointed as the vast majority of these cases are preventable.”

    As car technology advances, Mr Calafiore said a zero road toll by 2055 was a realistic aim.

    In 1971, 1061 people died on Victoria’s roads.

    More than 40 years later, despite there being four times more cars on the road, Victoria has managed to cut that number by 75 per cent.

    “If you had said in 1971 what we’re going to do over the next 40 years is add 2 million cars on our roads and extra pedestrians and you’re going to turn 1000 lives lost a year into 250, that would have been considered lunacy,” Mr Calafiore said.

    “Will it be zero by 2020? It won’t be, as much as we would like to say that.

    “Is a zero road toll realistic in our lifetime — absolutely.”

    Mr Calafiore said if every Victorian today drove a five-star-rated car with side-curtain airbags and ABS braking, it would knock a third off the annual road toll.

    Drivers were four times more likely to be killed on country roads than in the city, he said.

    While speed and alcohol remain the main factors in most fatal road crashes, some just arose from driver error.

    “Often the victims of road trauma are ordinary, hard-working Victorians that make a mistake on a country road and they pay for it with their life,” Mr Calafiore said.

    With Christmas fast approaching, Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Doug Fryer asked people to spare a thought for the families of those who had died on Victoria’s roads.

    “There is no one someone won’t miss, and I challenge anyone who doesn’t agree to point out a family member they are willing to live without,” he said.
  2. blah, blah, blah. same old same old. is anyone still listening?
  3. All the older riders will be off the roads by then?
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    I have seen the signs Towards Zero, Zero is possible etc. It is a Safetycrats wank, reductions in numbers are possible and are occurring but zero is impossible. I take serious issue with Calafiore's statement "if every Victorian today drove a five-star-rated car with side-curtain airbags and ABS braking,". Sorry Mr Calafiore some Victorians ride motorcycles, some drive semi trailers, or heavy rigids, some ride pushbikes. Instead of making blanket motherhood statements in starry eyed ignorance we need officials rooted in reality.
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  5. Anyone want to go shares in a factory making red flags, as used in 1894?

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    Excellent. Let's disband them and start them up again in about 2050. Why waste resources till then?

    Oh man.... Did anyone else think his name was Mr cauliflower?
  7. Sorry? I wasn't listening...
  8. The only way I can see the Tac getting any credibility here is if Russia and the US go at it.... Perhaps then there will be nobody left to die on the road, anywhere.
  9. EVERYONE will be off the road by then. Objective achieved.
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  10. SFA chance. Even with (impossible) total safety achieved on all motor vehicles and zero accidents (also impossible), there will always be some drunk pedestrian walking/falling into a road somewhere and getting himself squashed....
  11. That, and drivers/riders suffering heart attacks/strokes. And then you get the ones who suicide.
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  12. Exactly.
  13. They aren't counted in the road toll.
  14. Yeh well if you believe the TAC, then I have this Container Load of Genuine Rolex watches from Thailand I can let you have for just AUD$20,000.00
  15. I was wondering that about medical conditions, but what about suicides? Surely not every one of those is verified and taken off the list.
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  16. TAC get everything wrong, why would you believe what they say now. TAC says speed and alcohol are the biggest causes of fatality and major injury on the road. Truth is speed ranks 6th after alcohol, drugs and other factors.
  17. What an absolute crock of shit. The worst part of this is that there are actually people out there who believe this shit.
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  18. The fatality review panel reviews every road death and circumstances surrounding it and will remove any fatality that doesn't fit the definition. Sometimes, a fatality can be removed months after it is recorded.

    - - -

    At some point in the future, when we are all being transported in self driving cars and gyro stabalised two wheel vehicles that all talk to each other and talk to the mandatory active C-ITS apps on pedestrian and cyclist phones or wearable computers, the road system will be one massive road neural network keeping vehicles under control and from bumping into each other. The road toll will be zero or near enough.

    Will the populous accept such an infringement on civil liberties and rights all for the pursuit of no deaths on the roads?
  19. Young man wraps himself around a tree on a straight stretch of road with zero intoxicants in his system, no physical problems, nothing wrong with his car, and no signs of braking. How does one file that?
  20. im sure many suicides are..... most likely put down to fatigue or inattention
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