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TAC Rider Safety CD?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by motormouse, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. I got a bizarre piece of mail today (in amonst my bills :evil: ) from the TAC. A lovely colourful brochure inviting me to send in for a free CD promising to give you knowledge of the road that would otherwise take decades to learn and experiance on a bike.

    I'm guessing the inspired people at TAC havn't singled me out (or have they?, no just paranoia creeping in) for special treatment. Has anyone else had this lovely invitation or seen the CD? Any good? Or is it like that video you get as part of your L Plate car license test - useless

  2. I remember something about that from when I was on the service desk with them (a year or more ago). Probably not just you.
  3. I have this CD.
    It's not to bad for a n00b.

    For more info, Check out:
  4. I have one of these CDs, they are fun.
    Send away for it, you'll be surprised at your results when you complete it.

    It is an interactive CD.
    At the end you get a result of your riding skills.
    Although not really the same as being on the road, it does help you identify possible dangers/scenarios that are common in real life on road situations.

    It's more about your perception than riding skill.

    besides...it is free :)
  5. got this CD 2 weeks after i got my Ls then just a week ago i recieved the same letter you got . :shock: . very good cd teached me a few things that would have taked ages to learn :wink:
  6. yeah, I love that word. I am a poor uni student after all :grin:
  7. yeah i got one in the mail yesterday.... funny as i already got one frome the spokes website....

    I find it really hard to watch as the video quality is really bad and a dot on the ground can be a dot, or, water, or dirt, or a shadow and you can't tell, but then get marked wrong because you didn't select it at the right time.

    sureley they could do i nice DVD versions soon..... with hi quality video??
  8. They are free.

    TAC send them out regulary to new learners and newly licenced riders. You are not being singled out.
  9. i got 1 and haven't even looked at it.
  10. i got 1 and haven't even looked at it.

    oops..... sorry about the double post
  11. I think netrider should make one
    There'd be Loz doing wheelies down Southbank with the odd operatic accompaniment;
    Fireblade could take Caffiene Hit 101;
    How to tell the men in blue 'I was only going at 5k's an hour honest. Did you see those push bikes scream past?'
    :p :p :p
  12. We don't have that CD in NSW.
    Could someone lend us a copy?
    So NSW riders can have a look at what is in the CD. We might pick up something valuable from it. :wink:
  13. Yeah sure. I havn't dropped it in the post yet so not sure when I'll get it. I asked for two, so PM me your addy and I'll see if I can't get you one, otherwise I'll try burning it.
  14. I got one from their website a week after I got my Ls, and the other day they sent me the info to get another one...
    Maybe its because I didn't send my details in for the competition?