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TAC Ride Smart Cdrom

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MelbourneMick, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. I got a little booklet and letter in the mail today from the T.A.C. about a free Cdrom called Ride Smart.
    it can be ordered for free at www.spokes.com.au

    has anyone actually seen this CDrom?

    is it any good?

    it's free so I have ordered it. will keep you posted.

  2. mines around here somewhere. I think its mostly about roadcraft, maybe a bit about choosing your turn in & line for a corner...

    Obviously not that memorable lol, i think it's aimed at very new riders, specifically those who might've missed this information at the more "brief" learner courses.
  3. yeah I got one months and months ago. It's exactly the same style as the hazard perception test for car licenses. Not too bad for new riders I suppose. Never got through the hole thing. One of the things is where you're presented with a scene, and you click on spots where hazards are. Pretty lame, the program doesn't even recognize if you've picked up on a hazard or not, you just click wherever and a yellow blob pops up. Then you hit continue, your yellow blobs disappear and some chick tells you where each of the hazards are with yellow blobs showing up over them, why they are hazards, etc.
  4. The CD has been around for some years. Mostly exercises in hazard perception.
  5. What I never liked is there is no 'gas it'button in those tests. Half the time you could easily avoid any hazards with liberal use of the throttle.
  6. no surprise really...
  7. yeah when you watch it, spot the rider on the blu RT beemah, see if you think it looks like greybm :) shoudl get your authograph Dave :)
  8. yeah I know, but its not a great system really. You have no depth perception and it is all set up to deliberately catch you out.
  9. yeah, well. at least they're not sitting on their arses doing nothing for motorcyclists apart from bad stuff.
  10. I gt one of those cd's sent to me after I put in a TAC claim when some dumb prick knocked me off my bike