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VIC Tac Reputation Under The Pump Again

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jdkarmch, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. Just in case you missed it - this popped up yesterday. TAC CEO Janet Dore was interviewd by Mitchell on 3AW yesterday, where she made all the excuses under the sun over this...

    She said something about a Road Safety Reference Group meeting that she was attending that yesterday.

    Have a look at the blog posts attached to this one. Looks like a few Ntetriders have paid a visit... You can post comments and they get published straight away.

    This looks like a great opportunity for the likes of several organisations I can think of.:LOL:
  2. So the abstract condemns them? Don't think we need to read the rest.

    The TAC has fornicated road users for long enough. Time to clean the slate and start afresh.
  3. Did you read the full quote?

    Got to agree with you - this is what I think will happen. I think 3AW is going to do them slowly....

    Don't forget to go and post a comment on their Blog.
  4. I think some of the comments are missing the point of 'motorcyclists need more education' stat.
  5. [​IMG]
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  6. I think so too.
    Looking at the statement in isolation makes it sound like a fault on the part of riders. But if you look at all the questions in that section, a lot are about more punitive measures. This one was, by implication, an option for positive measures being employed. Why would anyone NOT think that was a good idea?

    But it's an idea that has not been supported by TAC, and that sounds like a bad report card for Dore and co.
  7. John,

    They haven't accepted comments since yesterday afternoon: mine was sent @ 6pm, still not shown.
  8. They published mine as soon as I submitted them.

    Something strange there. Maybe someone at 3AW not focussed on it?

    I get the feeling that this is not the last of what Mitchell plans to do with this leaked report. We might hear more in coming weeks. We know TAC has a problem - the evidence is floating to the surface. Everything that we all have been saying about them for the last 3 to 4 years is proving to be correct......

    Now - its up to us to keep pushing.......
  9. I've been bullshitting so long, with moving pictures to you
    That you almost believe that they're real

    Way to kill a Cure song TAC.