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VIC TAC releases new motorcycle safety advert

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by BUBF, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. Doesn't seem too bad, for a change.

    And another one.

    And a third to complete the series

    Here is one that I missed.

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  2. Shitloads better and more realistic and relevant than their previous offerings.
  3. Well, not to bad at all.

    It should be pointed out that the TAC did some actual consulting about this one - including @robsalvv and @Heli from the VMC. Nice effort consulting to ensure a much better end product guys

    Cheers Jeremy
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    Vaguely reminds me of this one...
    which is a good thing.
  5. Something positive from a Government department? Whoodathunkit???
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    I'm in NSW.
    Is the first one going to be aired on mainstream in Vic?
    (after watching them I see the first ad may be on mainstream so then people would access the others by going to the website...)

    I like them.
    Some of the convos made me smile.."gee I was glad to come out of those twisties, I was happy to get back to the long straight for a break"....but I get the point.

    I like the flow, the theme, the music.. the riders were believable.

    err.. no mention of stopping for a latte though ;)
  7. These are excellent ads especially the first one with the disappearing 'ghost' hazards ... :applause:

    I would be interested to know what other people besides the TAC / VMC / VMAG were party to the development of these ads.
  8. Having watched the whole lot now I would have to say good job TAC right messages in a constructive way. Much better than the shock tactics of previous ads. The before the ride one which is not posted here yet has some good general advice about thinking about what you are doing before you head off for the day.

  9. Found it.
  10. Wow, good ad, they may be listening.

    A point for everyone, the 68 ad generated a lot of discussion in motorcycle forums across the country. There were several thousand and months of discussion generated on NR alone. From a PR point of view they would have considered this a success, despite the negativity.

    Keep this discussion alive, lets reward the TAC for doing something smart.
  11. wow - i'm really quite impressed. So good to see a POSITIVE advert about how much fun riding can be, but reminding us all that there can still be hazards.

    a nice change :)
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  12. Made me raise my eyebrows a little....constructive, informative, non-confrontational....perhaps the ad company missed the brief given by the TAC? :)

    Seriously though, it might actually be an example of feedback being taken on board and used in a positive way. Fingers crossed for you VIC riders anyway.
  13. So ... has everyone here emailed the TAC to indicate their approval? Seriously. Positive reinforcement helps.
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  14. Great positive messages. The first one freaked me out with the van turning and then vanishing. A similar thing has already happened to me - bloody thing didn't vanish!
    Sends a message that we don't have the IQ of Collingwood players (or the tatts either). Get them on free to air!:cool:
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  15. Positive feedback on their facebook page is a good start considering he savaging they received from us in the past, maybe they listened or are softening us up for yet another shock/gore ad campaign later on
  16. What i think I liked the most was the fact that the adverts pointed out a few things cars do that we have to take action to avoid. Lots of car drivers are probably not aware these little things can have major consequences so the adverts have the riders having the 'did you see that guy nearly pull out' conversation & might cause people to think a bit.

    I'm not a Vic rider, i'm in SA, but I think these adverts are fantastic.
  17. There were a broad representation of attendees at the planning for this campaign, as well as the VMC.

    HART, VicPol solo unit, VSRA, VicRoads, plus the advertising agency, TAC and some IT guys.

    Go to Spokes for more than just the videos :D
  18. DO you have a link? I can't seem to find it....
    or is it the Spokes page?
  19. "I was actually glad to get out of those twisties" said no one ever... ;)

    MUCH happier with these from TAC. They were exceptionally beige, but, I understand why I guess.
  20. The most positive motorcycling safety campaign I've ever seen.

    Thanks Rob and everyone who worked so hard and actually changed the attitude of the TAC.
    If that is possible then many other things should be too.
    I couldn't believe it was a TAC campaign!

    Out of curiosity, who are the mates in the vids? :)
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