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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by nodz, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. Received my new rego sticker for the bike in the mail yesterday. Along with it came a series of brochures regarding motorcycling. One of them was an explanation of why the rego fee had gone up from roughly $275 to $324.70. Apparently a $50 levy has been imposed from a certain date (can't remember what the date was). The levy has been introduced because i) there are more riders on the road and therefore the frequency of motorcycle accidents has increased...
    This fold out pamphlet has two sides of blurb about why there is a need to impose this levy and what the monies collected will be used for. Rider education etc.
    I find it strange, ridiculous and perhaps even a little idiotic that none of it will be used for educating car drivers about the greater risk that they impose upon motorcyclists rather than other cars drivers.

  2. well.... not really. TAC knows that most car drives don't look for bikes and trying to change that is a huge task & TAC do say to never put your saftey in the hands of other roads users.

    Actually makes sense to put it in to rider saftey, just wish that they would get rid of the cheese cutters! :(

    Don't get me wrong, I reckon having way harder driver testing would rock and show how a lot of people can't handle a car! I spent two days messing around @ Vic roads the other week and couldn't believe that people who can't even speak english or understand it were jumping in to cars. That just made me wonder, if they can't understand english then how can they understand our road law or signs ??? :p
  3. Raz, fair point, difficult to try and stem the tide. I just thought that the way the pamphlet was written was...we've taken an extra $50 because motorcyclists are getting killed on the road and it's their fault.
    Don't forget the statistic that 50% of motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle (not normally another motorcycle either) and that over 50% (I think the figure is closer to 60%) of those are where the other vehicle is at fault. Therefore approximately 30% of total number of motorcycle accidents are caused by someone other than rider (yes, I understand the argument, make the rider better and number of accidents should decrease as the rider can foresee and avoid these situations better).
    As you said, I think all tests should perhaps be made more difficult. I find that in Victoria when you are instructed to ride a bike or drive a car you are taught how to pass a test rather than how to learn to drive/ride. There appears to be a lack of emphasis on roadcraft.
  4. absolutely
    you get a car licence and with very little experience
    you can IMMEDIATELY go out and drive Dads 4WD that weighs 2.5 tonne at speeds up to 110kmh in the wet at night....
    and the people wonder why road traffic accidents occur ...sheesh

    at least when getting a bike licence, there is some emphasis on being able to ride reasonably well and handle the bike
    a car licence is a joke in comparison

    ever tried getting a heavy vehicle licence???
    you have to prove you can drive a truck and handle it
    cars should be the same

    my 2c

  5. Yeah no all about HGV/Artic.. licence. Got a mate, her ex-BF used to drive trucks, he used to come home and park it on the driveway (the cab only) and she couldn't get the car out in the morning. She got fed up and went and did her heavy artic licence so se could move the thing on/off the road, took her three goes to get the licence and IMO she's a very good tintop and bike rider (better than me anyway).
  6. Totaly agree mate :D