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VIC TAC payout experiences

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by MadMuhammad, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Hi people,
    This is my first post here. My reason for joining is to hear people's dealings with TAC regarding serious personal injury incurred because of no fault motorcycle accidents. Although I have engaged a personal injury lawyer I'm curious as to hearing directly from people that have had dealings and their personal opinions.
    Mid last year I was riding my brand spanking new 2014 Ducati Streetfighter 848 through an intersection near home on a green light. Light traffic so I was travelling at the speed limit, 60km/h, and an elderly lady decided I was surplus to requirements and turned directly in front of me.
    I struck her vehicle directly on the B pillar so from all reports it was a dead stop from speed.
    This resulted in:
    Fractured skull
    Subdural Heamatoma
    Fractured cheek
    Lacerated cheek
    Fractured C5 & C6
    Brachial Plexus Injury
    Fractured all my ribs on my left side
    Punctured left lung
    Bruised heart
    Bruised spleen
    Trauma induced hernia (2" tea right)
    Nerve damage to my left leg & knee
    Severely lacerated & fractured left ankle

    I ended up spending 14 days in ICU @ The Alfred Hospital and 2.5 months in the acquired brain injury unit at The Epworth Hospital. I had 3 surgeries so far, 2 nerve transfers to repair the BPI injury and 1 to repair the major abdominal damage.
    I'm still attending hospital based rehab 4 days a week (hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, hand therapy) to try and get my arm working again and get some strength back to my leg. Also to try and get some strength and fitness back. I still have some memory issues and I'm still on medication for pain, nerve pain and mood stabilisers.
    Ultimately, and obviously, this has changed my life drastically. I've been off work for 15 months and physically I'm struggling with everyday, simple things like dressing, showering, cooking etc.

    My questions to anyone with experience or information are as follows:

    What is the process for compensation payments from TAC. I'm booked for assessment next month but what does this entail? And is it a pretty straight forward thing?

    As it was a no fault accident, what is your experience with that process? How long does the mediation take. Did you end up in court etc.

    Does anyone have links to past BPI injury cases that I can read through.

    As I said, I have engaged legal council but I'd like to hear from people that have been through it also.

    Thanks for listening!

  2. Hi, a bad incident, I am glad to hear you are coming out the other side of this. TAC is supposed to be a No Fault scheme so in terms of your treatment there shouldn't be any difference. If any of your injuries are likely to be permanent then the assessment of that is another matter. I haven't been through the process but from the reports of others here you are in for a long haul of assessment and re-assessment. Engaging legal counsel is wise TAC are known to be evasive and not provide all the necessary information so someone who knows the process on your side is invaluable.

    So I can't offer much, others will be along soon who have been through the situation and should be able to offer more specifics. I just want to offer my best wishes on a recovery to full health. (y)
  3. G'day cjvfr,
    Yeah I've heard it can get pretty overwhelming dealing with the TAC. Especially for long term injuries such as mine.
    Thanks heaps for your kind thoughts and wishes mate!
  4. had a great experience with the TAC when i had a crash. Required shoulder surgery, lots of rehab and they even paid for 6mths gym membership, after 12mths of physio.
    Great to deal with when the unfortunate happens.
  5. Hi SPJ,
    Great to hear it all went well for you! Did you have to deal with any sort of compensation payments etc or was it all just rehab costs covered?
    So far I've had nothing but good experience with TAC. I'm recieving loss of earning capacity payments, all rehab paid for, community assistance.... I'm more curious regarding the assessment and court process.
    Thanks for your reply!
  6. I had great experience with TAC as well mate. All costs were covered by them and I think they covered loss of income up to 80 or 90 % while I was recovering. I dont even remember if I was assessed to be honest. But my injury was minor, broken fingers and wrist.
  7. Hi MadMuhammadMadMuhammad, welcome to NR. I'm very sorry to read about your stack, massive injuries and a long road to recovery. Best wishes with getting back to good health mate.

    Not my story, but have a look at this thread Bread crumbs :( | Netrider - Australia's Best Motorcycle Community Chat with AUS-ESPAUS-ESP, as not everyone's experience with TAC is a positive and straight forward one. Same applies, unfortunately, to medical profession! It was definitely an eye-opener for me.
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  8. We all think 60km/h is not that fast, but look how much it can hurt.

    Sorry to hear about the prang and serious injuries.

    I've never had the need to access TAC, touch wood, but recent experiences in related fields tells me that engaging a personal injury lawyer is totally recommended. I hope your law firm understands riding and riders.

    Sincere wishes for a full recovery mate.
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  9. I have just tipped over the 5 year mark dealing with my incident (nowhere near as bad as yours) and still no real end in sight BUT my lawyers are working hard for me.

    I have had multiple assessments with doctors/surgeons/shrinks from both sides (Lawyers & TAC), it was all fairly straight forward although some of the TAC assessments make you fell like shit & that you are to blame.

    Mine was also a no fault accident BUT I got Fucked about by insurance (even though we both had the same insurer) as the other party disputed fault and would not pay his excess.

    As above I have cracked 5 years dealing with it all...

    I have not gone to court yet and should not have too as I was granted my certificate of serious injury and will only go to court if we cant agree when we do finally get to mediation.

    If you have any specific questions feel free to shoot me a PM and I will try and answer them in more detail,
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    welcome aboard MadMuhammadMadMuhammad, sorry to hear about your stack, mate that's a boat load injuries wishing you all the best on the road back to recovery & good health mate.
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    Thanks for the info mate. Gives me something to look into. Thanks for the kind thoughts?

    Damn, that's a nightmare man. Such a long, arduous haul!

    I was fine with insurance thank god, the other driver was fine with the blame being apportioned to her and my insurance company paid out immediately.

    I'll be sure to be in touch with you. Thanks for the kind offer. Chat soon.

    Robsalvy & jeffco, cheers for the kind words gents. Appreciate it.
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  12. Ouch mate! Good luck and best wishes for a full recovery.
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  13. Mr Mad ....sorry to read about your experience ..

    ..have you gone back to riding yet ?
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  14. Dude that's a bad one.

    As stated previously TAC doesn't care who's at fault (or they shouldn't). As long as a VIC registered vehicle is involved all injured parties health costs are covered, even if your just some pedestrian that got hit by a mirror from the accident. Well that's what I've been told.
    The only people who care about fault will be your vehicle insurer, but that's a separate issue as it's not health related.

    From what I've seen TAC is very good at the initial claims process for injuries but fall fairly short for ongoing/long term support.

    My personal experience with them was good but the injuries list was nowhere near as long as yours and aren't long term.
    Not sure how your experience was with the initial injuries claims but they sent a case manager to me in the Hospital and filled out the forms for me while I was busy pressing that sweet green button. Got everything sorted and never saw a bill from the hospital.
    They also covered a good chunk of my income at the time which I really didn't expect. Well I didn't even know the TAC existed at the time until the nurse told me not to worry about it and that "the TAC will cover it". Was like "waaa". Funny part was that I think I was even looking for health insurance to sign up at the time while on the hospital bed...

    Got some pins and screw in my leg and was all good. They were pretty good with the rehab as well.
    Spent a few weeks in Epworth rehab as I lived on in some small flats with no elevator. Didn't get any pressure on recovery time lines etc... I pushed to go home as I was studying at the time and had a few thing going on.

    A few years later I decided to get the metal work out and did find it a bit hard when I was living interstate.
    Seems like the TAC has a reputation for underpaying for the cost of surgery interstate as the interstate rates are higher than VIC. Was a bit of hassle getting approval and finding a doctor that will take the job but worked out in the end.
    Removing the pins was more of a nice to have than a must as the bolts and pins were annoying and would just make a mess of things if I was to injure the same area. Most people say get and metal work out as soon as possible for this reason.

    Not sure about other compensation. The income for me was straight forward and was part of the initial claims, though it only covered a few months as my injuries weren't bad.

    Either way it's a bit shit fighting people on the phone to get stuff sorted but be persistent, sooner or later you'll end up talking someone who can sort all your shit out.
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  15. Unfortunately not mate. Still out of action big time. Left leg still suffering nerve damage, left arm still not working (still rehabbing intensely after 2 surgeries) and I'm still on pain meds as well.
  16. Thanks for your reply blim. Damn straight, I copped it good that's for sure!

    My initial dealings with TAC has been nothing but outstanding. All hospital bills covered, rehabilitation costs, surgeries, taxis to and from hospital & GP's. Even costs such as in home neuropsychologist, O/T etc. also the assistance with the salary was an added bonus I never knew about, although it only covers around 65% of my wage. I'd just signed up for income protection too! They just needed some more paperwork to finalise and have me covered but no dice, crashed too soon lol. Such is life.

    I was in ICU unconscious initially so I didn't have to deal with all the paperwork or anyone directly obviously. It was a month before I gained any sort of faculties.

    I've been off work for over a year now and obviously a few doubts are starting to creep into my life. I'm only 37 and I was a fit, 117kg gym head pre-accident and I've never had to deal with being this broken down and dependant on others. Plus, I'm an electrician and absolutely love my job and really couldn't see myself doing anything else even though TAC talk about re-training and other duties I'm not really an office guy as I much prefer hands on type of work.

    It's relieving to hear you've had a good experience because, as I mentioned, it's concerning enough having theses injuries without being overly concerned with being backed up by the system. And it's good to know the care is ongoing as I've been told this but as some things you're told in life you don't know if it's truly followed up the way it is explained to you. I guess that's the reason why I came on here to tell my story. Like minded people who may have been in the same situation and to calm my nerves a little by, hopefully, hearing some good outcomes.

    Thanks again for your reply, it's helped a lot!
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  17. Howdy MadMuhammadMadMuhammad , that sounds like quite the stack you had.

    The injury list would surely turn some people away from riding again. I hope, when you fully recover, you get the ability to ride again and aren't turned off by this incident.

    Speedy recovery!

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    Wow that is a bad crash....

    Had a decent crash back in 2012 where fault was with me. Had a open wound complex fracture which resulted a totally broken femur with some bone loss. I was told I was lucky that all my nerves and major vessels was still intact after the crash otherwise I would've needed to amputate the leg. Similar to blim I didn't know TAC covered my medical expenses at the time when I was at hospital and was pleasantly surprised when I found out TAC covered all medical expenses. Since I had family living with me so I was able to go home after 2 weeks or so of hospital stay. For me the TAC payments was seamless as I didn't need to pay a single dime. All I had to do was give my TAC claim number which was given to me during my stay at the hospital to any clinics I had to visit due to my injury and TAC covered it. This also goes to the 4 (2 were decently lengthy) surgeries I needed on my leg to even be able to walk properly again. Not sure about salary compensation or other stuff since at the time I was a student (sadly still am). Still need 1 more surgery to remove all the implants I have in me right now and hope it will be as seamless as my previous experience...
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  19. Thanks for the kind words Juz!

    It's totally out of the picture right now but I'm hoping to get back on a bike one day. Every time I hear a Duc go past I get a twinge of jealousy and it reminds me of why I love bikes in the first place. Fingers crossed eventually I'll be fit & healthy enough but no promises.

    I hear they're finishing producing Streetfughters this year too so I'm kinda heart broken and it may take a while for me to get over that as well lol
  20. MM, if it's not too raw, would you be interested in us exploring your crash to tease out the roadcraft lessons for the less experienced players? That's not to say that it was your fault, but as riders it's important to allow for the mistakes of others.

    On another point, though I'm not one to promote the speed kills propaganda, this page from the department of justice camera office has an interesting graph: Speed and road safety - Cameras Save Lives

    The risk of death at a 60km/h speed is 100%. You are a rare individual.
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