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TAC...... not my friend

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by outactrl, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. well, last year when i registered the Spada (250cc) it was $360'ish for the year, not bad, after all, its a bike, i should be paying less than a car.
    my car costs about $480'ish (i think) to register(V6)...
    Got my rego for my R6 the other day, i had to actually ring up to make sure there wasnt a mistake in the price.

    Registration fee - $33.70
    Insurance Duty - $42.50
    TAC Premium $425.00
    Total of $501.20

    man thats steep!!!!! i never would have expected that it would cost that much.
  2. Dude, that's how much I pay for my GS500 in Canberra!

    Rego for cars is about $800 at least!
  3. GS5hundy doesn't that include third party insurance? Because in Vic we have third party ontop of the rego that we have to get.
  4. It's insurance! You're a much higher risk on a R6 than on a Spada, simple.
  5. Anything over a 250 in Canberra has the same rate. There's only one insurance provider - NRMA, and it's built into the rego effectively. It sux!
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    Compulsory Third Party and 'Third Party Damage' are two different things.
    CTP covers you for damaging public property and other people. TPD covers you if you damage a privately owned vehicle/property.

    NSW doesn't have any TAC cover like we do in Vic. So they're actually getting screwed much harder. I don't mind paying $500 per year if I know that if/when I crash TAC will cover my income and hospital bills.
  7. Yeah sadly 250cc bikes and below are a lot cheaper than anything larger. $560 is pretty much standard for all larger road bikes.
  8. I'm in NSW and I just recieved my rego papers for my Spada

    Rego Fee $50
    Motor Vehicle Tax $48

    and then i also have to pay Compulsory Third Party (which only covers a third party for injuries in an accident I cause) which is $152. So all up not too bad at $250.00.

    Separately of course and not due til June is my insurance which last year was $158.
  9. It's not only TAC it seems to be all injury insurances.
    My son is (was) self employed chippy, mortgage, blah, blah
    He had a bad prang water ski racing before christmas, so far the ski racing insurance has sat on its hands and done fuk all 'were processing it, pricks.

    Centerlink were briliant (hate to admit it) yes he had to jump through a few hoops but at least he gets some sort of income.

    hes going to be off work for at least 6 months may be never can go back to being chippy due to nerve damage.

    1 saving grace through the whole thing was for once he listened to his old man and had ambulace insurance, ambulace from lake charm to swan hill, air ambulance form swan hill to essendon, ambulance from essendon to dandenong, about $16,000.00 bucks woth all covered :)

    any body have a job for a smart 22yo with a gimpy hand :( he was going to join police force but that dreams gone.
  10. the Viffr cost me over $800. Cop that! glad I didnt' get the Blackbird after all :cry:
  11. Amen to that! :)