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TAC new ambassador

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mainstage, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Don't know if your spotted a coupe of weeks ago But Shane Warne is the new ambassador for the TAC .Good choice


    Warne hit with speeding fine

    Updated 7 hours 14 minutes ago
    [​IMG] Photo: Warne escaped a driving ban but was fined $765. (Getty Images Scott Barbour)
    Map: Scotland
    Shane Warne has been fined after admitting driving at over 165kph on a motorway in Scotland.
    Warne, 43, was ordered to pay £500 ($765) by a Scottish court after driving at 103mph (166kph) in September on a motorway where the speed limit is 70mph (113kph).
    He escaped a driving ban, but had five penalty points put on his licence at a court in the town of Dumfries, south of Glasgow.
    Warne was represented by lawyer Graham Walker, who entered a plea of guilty on behalf of the leg-spinner.
    In remarks quoted by the BBC, Walker described the incident on the A74(M) motorway north of Gretna as an "error of judgment".
    "Warne is a man who had no previous convictions and no points on his driving licence and travels thousands of miles a year," Walker added.
    This was the second punishment Warne received this week, after he was banned for one match in the Big Bash League and fined $4,500 for his on-field confrontation with West Indian Marlon Samuels on Sunday.
    Topics: sport, cricket, scotland, australia
    First posted 7 hours 20 minutes ago
  2. Is he spiralling into a Lara Bingle self destruct??
  3. Didn't he smash into a tram a few years back? And the road-rage with the cyclist recently?
  4. He got a duff solicitor to represent him in court. A common alternative to points in the UK is a short driving ban and no points. Short as in around 14 days for that sort of speed. Now Warnie will have points for 3 years instead of being off the road for 2 weeks. Annoying.
  5. Worse ways to self-destruct than with Liz Hurley!
  6. Yes mate your right . strange ambassador for the TAC . Could be that he's a channel 9 personality and the TAC spend a lot of money with 9 in advertising
  7. Just what the TAC need to use to make me listen to their BS message....a dumb arsed knuckle dragger...

    why does TAC continue to waste OUR money on "SPONSORSHIP" and paying these "celebrity" pricks.
  8. If he keeps embarrassing TAC I'm more than happy for him to be paid with my share :)
  9. +1 Why does the TAC continue to make these monumental mistakes? Why isn't someone calling them on this?

    Could it be because they are "marketing focussed"? They certainly have no idea how to do it properly.

    Time to re-structure the TAC? Time to look at the staffing of the organisation?

    How about they pay some "real people" qualified in the area of concern to do the job? Or is it because that wouldn't attract any media interest?
  10. he's also been nominated as ambassador for the "Faithful Husband of the Year Foundation", and the "Best Sportsman Role Model forum".
  11. I LOLed at this ^^^.......... but then thought >>> maybe you were seriious :eek:

    TAC must have lost the plot ... the guy is an embarrassment waiting to happen :rolleyes:
  12. If they were serious it'd at least be john Bowe/mick doohan/some other retired racer, someone who people relate to and trust on matters of safe road use.

    they've really done us a favour, its like kim jong un deciding to show us he changed his ways for the better by firing another missile over Japan. It really just highlights how out of touch with reality TAC are, and I daresay we would find a few of our bicycle brethren think this is even dumber than we do.

    please excuse spelling and caps, on the phone
  13. With their 'Speed Kills' mantra what do you think are the chances of that happening?
  14. At least the are using a spin bowler and not pace bowler.
  15. Maybe Matthew Newton wasn't available at the time.
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  16. I thought he was an Ambassador for Advanced Hair Studio?

    Seriously, though: am I to believe that the biggest tosser in sports is being held up as some sort of role model? - A man whom I once witnessed publicly declaiming, "I'm just an Aussie; I love me beer, I love me sport, I've never read a book in me life..."
  17. More evidence this organisation is broken. It must be embarrasing for Baillieu and co.
  18. Advanced driver training? Yeah-nahhh!