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TAC Motorcycle Website and Advertisement

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by takagawa, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. I was having a read of the TAC motorcycle website when I found a video download for that TAC 'Put yourself in their shoes' ad. I rather like the ad. What do you think?

  2. everyone on here no doubt likes it as riders, though personally i would of liked the rider to end up minced under a Mac truck, showing the gravity of not doing a head check more than just having a rider slide to a stop on the road. they show graphic injuries for TAC car accident ads, why not in this case?

    the non-riding public's reaction is more important, and it seems a few have completly missed the point, as pointed out in the herald sun opinion piece talked about on here a couple of days ago :?
  3. That ad is old now . You would think with the extra $50 we pay they would come up with something new. Maybe we should come up with one and submit it .
  4. that's a good idea, people should submit scripts to this post and see what we can come up with, i'll have a crack at mine tomorrow (or perhaps now as an excuse to escape study for my exam tomorrow) :)
  5. There's a TAC film competition. I'll probably work on it after my exams are over.
  6. I'm a videographer :)
    be happy to film riders that we throw under trucks.......
  7. So which plot do we want :

    1. A rider laying on the bonnet of a car and stevey babe and shity link standing behind pulling at their Fly's saying "lets screw them while there down"


    2. a rider standing in front of a cemetary , saying "how would you like to be in our shoes when our lobbys cant even agree on the weather let alone saving lives"


    3. a rider on a mobile phone , on the back wheel , sticking his finger up at a camera while speeding , drunk with a pillion wearing shorts and a t shirt with no helemet yelling "why are you picking on me "
  8. I knew Honda riders were useful, I just knew it! :p
  9. Geez groberts,thats a hard choice mate! :? i love No 1 but No 3 is pretty tempting :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Not sure whether our $50 contributed to this but TAC will soon be releasing "ridesmart" which is an interactive CD Rom for Motorcycle learners/begginers. If you have seen "drivesmart" it is the same thing but for motorbikes.
  11. Biggest problem I have with this ad is that I feel it still comes across to the non-bike rider community that it's the fault of the rider rather than the car. The fact that the car doesn't actually hit the bike there are conotations that i) the bike rider is riding too close to the car ii) riding in the blind spot of the car, iii) moving too fast, iv) weaving through traffic. It's just the way that the ad is filmed that sought of gives that impression.
    There used to be a fantastic ad in the UK as part of there THINK BIKE, LOOK BIKE campaign about 25 years ago. It was a car turning out from a T-intersection across the path of the motorcyclist. The motorcylist t-bones the car. It was an attempt to get drivers to concentrate on looking down the road and seeing all vehicles rather than perhaps concentrating on the larger vehicle, car or truck that happened to be travelling behind the motorcyclist.
  12. I vaguely remember a THINK BIKE, LOOK BIKE campaign here in oz as well around the same time.

    The ad sounds like the one in Nodz post above and the ad also reinforced that motorbikes accelerate a lot quicker than cars so don't turn right against an oncoming bike.
  13. 8)

    It is a good ad .Anything that creates an awareness about us is a good ad.

    What the TAC need is a GREAT AD,a classic,a famous back ground theme, or something.
    I have been to a few of their pre public release conferences whereby they sample either public or riders opinions and they are a sad joke.
    I don't know where they get their information or opinions from.
    They need to get to the grass roots! :(
    They need to talk to all motorcyclists! :x
    They could even send out a questionaire with your rego papers and pull some retuned answers out of a barrel for a new Triumph...
    They need to stop telling us what is good for us and start asking us what we need and want.
    We do not have a political or collective voice or organisation.
    groberts is unfortunately dead right! :roll:
  14. midnight, that is a bit unfair.

    The TAC have already taken steps to funnelling the money back to riders:

    - Formed a TAC Project Team
    - Formed a VicRoads project Team
    - Advertised through HR companies to appoint a Chief Executives to report to the Transport Minister. One of the CEOs commutes weekly from Sydney and is put up in Spring St Hotel during the week.
    - Created a Liaison Officer Position at Dept Premier and Cabinet to co-ordinate communication between the two project teams.
    - Internally advertised appointment of Finance Managers to each team
    - Formed a funding and finance policy unit, to add up the $50 levy
    - Hired an administrative support team
    - Put tenders out to engage consultants to come up with ideas on how to spend the levy.
    - Hired IT Firm to build $400,000 in-house software package to take care of payroll
    - Undertook study tour of Europe to learn about overseas Motorcycle initiatives
    -Engaged PriceWaterHouseCoopers to audit implementation of Project Teams. One CEO resigns and takes job with the Tongan Government as Natural Resources Director, restructure takes place to merge the two project teams.
    - New CEO position advertised through HR companies.

    And that's just in the first 3 years... the best is yet to come.

    So how about laying off the govt for a while, they're doin the frickin best they can.
  15. Its my opinion and dont tell me to back off because i voice it . You have your opinion (which you have expressed) but im not going to tell you to ease off , whether i agree with you or not .
  16. When I read Dan's post, I thought he was being very tongue-in-cheek about it.
  17. sorry i forgot to include [sarcasm][/sarcasm] tags in the posts. my bad. but if you do read it closely it is kind of obvious. :wink:
  18. My apology to you then Dan . I missed it the sarcasm as usual . I hate working nights.
  19. :LOL: no worries mate.