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TAC Motorcycle Tracker

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Wolve, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. TAC Motorcycle Tracker report is now available on the Spokes site.

  2. They might have well only included the last few slides. But people won't always see the BS when its layered with ten types of crap. But crap doesn't have to be BS to stink.
  3. Double post, somehow. Grr :(
  4. Now that's an interesting snippet. I would have though these terms were almost universal. It's interesting that there's such a disparity between the % turning to the net for info and those knowing those terms, if they were really seeking info online, I certainly would have thought they would have come across these terms?
  5. Quite interesting reading actually. More riders than other motorists say that they sometimes speed, but a greater proportion of riders say that they never speed. They didn't mention that statistic in the newspaper, even though it was a much larger difference and more likely to be statistically significant.

    Also, I was a little surprised at how many people claim to wear all (or most) of the gear all (or most) of the time.

    Right there we see the two biggest bats the TAC has been using to hit us with - speed and gear - are actually a much smaller issue than they like to make out. Now they have some data to that effect, I wonder if we'll see less of the punitive treatment and more open and collaborative dialogue.