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TAC - loss of earnings being lodged, a question or more

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. Well Im applying for the TAC loss of earnings bemefits tomorrow. Im just worried about the loss of work/benefits while Im still able to ride. As I am looking for major surgery in 2-4 weeks that will definitely put me off the road for a short/medium/long term, do people think TAC would feel me being able to ride BEFORE my upcoming operation would stuff up the benefits thing? Its like the only real pleasure I can do without being in pain at present, a highly motivational thing which might count as a positive for it?

    Anyway would just like to see peoples opinions solely on this and do with nothing else. Can anyone shed any light?

    Thanks for reading this, still trying to come to terms with my overal posiiton, its sooooo NASTY fo me :cry:
  2. if its one of the only things that doesnt cause you trouble, and helps you healing then it shouldnt be a problem. it could almost be counted as some sort of physio maybe? the TAC are all about getting you to work quicker so if you say it helps, and they beleive you then i dont know it shouldnt be a problem.

    this is just an uninformed opinion from thinking about the situation.

    when i had my bike accident i wasnt able to claim loss of earnings as i was working off the books. and couldnt get on the newsatrt allowance/dole because my parents earned too much.
  3. Ah, that can bite. Parents earning too much $$ doesnt always equate to YOU getting $$ from them. Also, seeing a social worker @ epworth tomorow to fill out the forms so I will see her hopefully eduated suggestions..

    Breno, gotta make sure we catch up soon so I can see your bike! And you see mine (short ride to get a feel on each others bike maybe as well? :) )

    I reckon if I could ride the bike every waking moment, I wouldnt need pain killers. I totally forget about any pain whilst riding.

    Cheers for your reply dude, I have been closely following your thread, any NEW supersport purchase has a big interest for me :) Welcome to the club that we recently joined a part of :grin:

    How could they refuse this physio machine to help me :grin: http://www.bikepics.com/pictures/617121/

  4. yeah for sure mate. maybe meet up before a coffee night for a little ride then head there together? ill need you as i dont know my way around anywere except the city centre and the freeway from werribee to the city. lol.

    sorry to go off topic, but i sat on a red 675 in geelong and they are awesome. if i didnt have my heart set on the R^ since the 1st time i saw it it would most certainly have been my next choice.

  5. No probs there and I got GPS as well for anywhere I dont know where to go originally :) GREAT HELP! Such a good buy. PM and I can always pop around after your work in fair weather, Wanna do as many kms as possible in 'not heavy work' on my healing arm atm :)

    Looking forward to seeing the bike! If it gives you even at least half the fun as I have, you have done well :grin:

    Ok, BED TIME!!!!!!!! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  6. another conseration to think about is that if you need major surgery then how will this aspect affect your insurance policy if you come off b4 the Operation?
    Also if the Doc says you can ride and puts it in writing then your ok to do so, also good backup for insurance
  7. On the TAC app form I doubt it directly asks if you are riding/driving. My motto when completing such forms, is never tell them anything more than they ask for or need to know.
    The loss of earnings is largely (almost to the point of solely) based on your doctor/surgeon's say so on whether you are fit to return to work, and they're internal agreeance with that assessment. They're internal agreement comes from case assessment and history of other cases with similiar injuries.
    As shabby says though ... if your doc/surgeon hasn't said it's OK to ride again (whilst still saying your not ready for work), then you'll be in a whole lot of shite if you come off or TAC find out.
  8. I have done alot of dealings with TAC (i have had 2 broken legs, countless operations etc from motor vechile accidents) . All you need for loss of earnings is a TAC med certificate (some of the hospitals that i was in had med like certificates for TAC specifically), other times, I use a normal Med cert from my specialists, stating that you are unable to work for various med reasons, IE surgery etc etc and how long, ie from a specified date, to a specified date.

    You do not need to tell TAC that you can still ride a motorcycle etc, but you can get Taxi fares reimbursed etc, if you use them in relation to medical treatment, ie going to and from the hospital etc. Also TAC may expect that you get no benefit for the 1st 5 days, as they rely on you to use sick/annual leave (if this is your 1st application for loss of earnings).

    There was a time, where i had loss of earnings from TAC, after I had to go back for another operation due to getting a steel plate taken out of my leg. I had 1 month paid by TAC due to loss of wages. This was after nearly 1 year, when I originally had the plate put in.
  9. As long as you have a clearance from your doctor that you are OK to ride then you've got nothing to worry about.

    Mind you - if you're still getting treatment from a previous crash most doctors (unless they ride themselves) will spend a lot of time trying to tell you haow stupid you are for wanting to get back on a bike :LOL: