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TAC likes to pay me back a lil..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fastkid, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. So 2 weeks ago I take on a series of fines from 4 cop cars on 4 seperate occasions. Obstructing plate, carrying pillion, speeding :roll: anyways clocked up 11 points and $800 in fines (I know I know)

    Being a P plater and all.. well you guessed it.. say hello to the met for 3 months.

    But the best bit about it is TAC sends me a letter in the mail saying I won the RIDESMART CD in feb and got a nice $200 of free gear. I guess this clears 1 fine. Gotta love the ironacy. :p
  2. And 1 point left when you get back....good luck in keeping that for 3 years with out doing something Illegal.....May have to rename your self as fastWALKINGkid
  3. If your pillion's baggy pants were causing the number-plate obstruction, make them pay that one!
  4. If it were only that easy... sounds like separate occasions with separate fines... P Plater and carrying someone will get you that :p
  5. How long does it take for points to 'regenerate' in NSW?
  6. I think it's 4 points a year.

    But that's all for nought if the damn coppers are spawn camping in your team's base :(
  7. [​IMG]
  8. The day that you lost your points you will get them back one year later.
  9. Nope you get your points back 3 years after the fine is payed.
  10. Some people don't deserve a motor vehicle licence until they grow up
  11. Then i should still have fines i got in 2005, which mind you they went off my license the same month i got them in 05 but in 06. Unless then law has changed on me without me knowing.
  12. I take it youplay Counter Strike?!?! Hehe lol - i love that game

    Ok ok relax... :roll: I hate when people get on their high horse as if to say they have never done anything wrong. FFS, EVERYONE makes mistakes and he understands he has to face his consequences...

    Hey Steve,
    Sorry about the fines dude.... Hmmm its seems you and i have been having some bad luck lol... Catch ya soon :p
  13. Nope, but I read Penny Arcade :grin:
  14. maybe he was referring to me and my nerd piss-take
    don't blame him. i frequent a netcafe near work, i have to put up with that shit all the time. "When Teenagers Don't Get Laid"
  15. In NSW you get your points back 3 years after you lost them EXCEPT if you serve a suspension due to loss of points ALL the points that contributed to the loss are wiped immediately, so on regaining your license you have 12 points (full license) to play with.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. You don't respawn in CS Sounds more like Team Fortress or Tribes trash Talk than CS Trash talk...

    Not that i am a geek or anything :LOL:
  18. Don't be so hard on yourself. I'm sure you will learn to be responsible on the road one day.

  19. Thanks Jamie, ive already been advised on how to handle the situation. I get my full license in june so theres a hint ;)
  20. hahahahaha