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TAC Latest Ads (Everybody Hurts)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Bamm-Bamm, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. Let me state first that I have the utmost sympathy and compassion for people who have lost a loved one in a road accident. However that doesn't mean that I can't question the validity of yet another blame speed but ignore everything else TAC campaign.

    Please see the link below for the objective of the Everybody Hurts campaign.


    If only life was so simple that everything can be pigeonholed and labelled...

    As with nearly every road accident it can probably be traced back to a poor decision (speeding) and then compounded by a lack of driver skill in getting themselves out of a situation they found themselves in.

    Why aren't the friends and family focusing on an inept government who will not spend any money on advanced driver training, nor even acknowledge it's clear benefits in teaching people how to actually drive. Where do all those hundreds of millions of dollars of "safety camera" revenue go?, why isn't it being used to teach new drivers how to drive properly.

    If their child had participated in an advanced drivers course he would have experienced what can happen when it all goes wrong, he then may not have made that error of judgement in the first place, and even if he did jmaybe he would have had the skills to recover the car(certainly more skills than you get doing 120hours with mum & dad anyway)

    The focus on speed as the sole cause of road deaths is ridiculous, any campaign should have look at all driver behaviours, follow too closely, left hand lane hogs, innatention, drugs, alcohol etc... you know those things that are really responsible for people dying on our roads. When was the last time you saw either ANY postiive reinforcement of the road safety message or anything that focused on any other driver behaviour besides speeding, drink driving and drugs. It's about time that government was pulled up on this, I pray one day for the media to grow some balls and start to ask the hard questions.

    It surprises and scares me that the family and friends concerned would put their names to such a narrow minded view of road safety, I guess it just goes to show that the vicroads and vic pol brain washing works on sheeple.
  2. +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000
  3. I agree entirely.
    Cashing in on the grief of these families to peddle their unproven theories is absolutely offensive.
    Speed may have been a factor in the cases involved (I don’t know the details so can’t comment) but these adds that use emotion instead of facts to brainwash the community into not questioning there asserted position, is disgusting.
  4. Spot on.

    I honestly think people are just sick to death of this hand wringing, teary-eyed crap that tries to pass itself off as a "road safety message".

    Young blokes driving flat stick sideways in the rain certainly wont give it a second thought.

    And while I'm at it, am I the only person who's SICK TO F@CKING DEATH of sitting at traffic lights and COUNTING THE BALD TYRES surrounding me? I saw a fatal on the news the other night, car upside down in a ditch, bald tyres, police blaming speed. Again!
  5. meh i gotta say i don't feel sorry, the stupid idiot up there preaching the whole speed kills shit, surely you can't be that stupid, if you are well, hopefully you do become part of the road total, as it's one less numpty on the road
  6. I can not support these comments -- all this call for advanced driving courses etc

    I want to know how many of YOU out there have done an advance driving course - either recently or when you got your licence

    I never did one - I did the basic road rules test and the drive around the city - 3 point turn reverse parallel park and hill start etc - this was 23 years ago

    I have driven high performance vehicles all my life - at 16 my first car was a very worked over v8 monaro with half the motor hanging outside of the bonnet ( no power steering no fuel injection no mod cons ) - I did my licence test in this car at 17 which I passed with no errors

    I am still alive today and have not had an accident -- and yet I did no "advance driver training" ever

    Its the attitude of the individual that needs to be changed - I say make them watch videos of the results of car accidents -- people with skulls crushed in - dismembered bodies etc -- show them the ugly reality of consequences of being stupid in a form of motorised transport , harsh ? - of course it is - will it work ? - I do not know - but it could at least be investigated.

    ( see www.ride2die.com)

    in fact give the wrong ******** a advance driver training course and he/she will think he/she is a race car driver and as such able to take even larger risks more often because " I have advanced driver training so I can go faster more often etc"

    Here's a tip for those that may be teaching their kids to drive

    Make them drive with a bowl of cold water in their lap - the smoother and more consistent they are with their driving then the less chance they will get wet.
  7. The government sinks to new depths to justify getting money out of us.
  8. I think the point about advanced training is that some people can learn on there own by getting an understanding of how things work, and doing a little “Playing” within there limits to progressively learn the skills and limits. Other people Need to be told what to do, they simply can’t work it out for them self.
    And when they slide wide in their Front wheel drive magna, because they don’t understand that with the power down it will under-steer like a plow. It is the poor bugger coming the other way who is going to cop it.
  9. When was the last time a reverse park or three point turn, with precisely three movements, saved somebodies life?
  10. The ads are just shit ads, not matter what the message.

    I couldn't understand what the emo kid was saying and his story was a bit average.

    And then half an arpeggio? Hope they didn't pay too much for REM.
  11. difference i see is we all went out to empty carparks/industrial estates and got our kicks there, wheelies, breaking the rear end (mostly with handbrakes granted) etc.....practice counts when it all goes wrong, you practice putting a car into a slide and you are less likely to panic when it does, now you can't go anyway to practice these sorts of things and as such now we have a large portion of the gen. that will close there eyes and jump on the stop pedal and give a prayer geez, you only need to know older folk to hear the stories of their younger days, nothings changed except the skill level and now we lack the skill level to deal with these situations, so the solution is to reduce the speed to.....](*,)
  12. Agreed - I myself and my friends did the same -- if we were caught by the police they didn't book us once but rather said along the lines of

    " Its illegal I have to ask you to leave the area but because you were doing this stuff where there is no other cars and people around I wont give you a ticket etc "
  13. Yep, agreed we went out and leant this stuff off the road, but some people wouldn’t even know what they don’t know (If you take my meaning) so actual courses in how to break and regain traction, brake while still retaining steering, get the back end out to stop a vehicle under-steering and so on would help them.
    Formalizing this knowledge means that every one would be able to have access to it, not just those of us that understand the questions.
  14. I have, but that's by the way

    very good point. My wife recently did some relief teaching and as part of this she took her class of year 11 VCAL students to visit the CFA. These kids are some of the stroppiest little toerags you'll ever meet, but when the Firies were talking about kids their age with pelvis' turned 180 degrees around and severe facial injuries they did actually shut up and listen. I don't know whether it will stick but it did seem to have at least a short term impact on their attitude
  15. Or why don't we just accept that young men are programmed to take risks, and a percentage won't make it...

    I'd be devastated if any of mine don't, but pretending it ain't so won't fix it...

    All the TAC are doing is preying on the "His death has to mean something" mentality, it doesn't. It's sad and for the family terrible but it doesn't mean anything.

    As to speed being the cause??? says who? it's a factor not guaranteed to be the cause...

    That's a big statement so as soon as you hit 160, you have to crash???
  16. YEP -- show a pretty young girl how when driving and texting on her phone that in a blink of an eye she will end up looking like the elephant man if she survives and she will take notice. -- Basic psychology - young women are very pre-occupied with their appearance

    Show a young male that in a blink of an eye that he will become paralysed and loose any chance of a sex life ever again from trying to impress his mates with his lack of drifting skills and they will take serious notice.
    again basic psychology - young males are very pre-occupied in getting laid

  17. Me! Me! :angel:
  18. I usually agree with you moto, but I have to say you're dead wrong on this one. Since you have never done a course, how would YOU know what they teach?
    For a start, there are two kinds of courses; 'high performance' driving courses usually for those that want to get involved in entry level motorsport; and 'defensive driving' courses which are pretty much for everyone.

    I've done several of both. I partly agree that if a fool does a high performance course and goes out trying to apply it on the road it could be a recipe for disaster. But people doing the defensive courses are not being shown how to drive or corner fast. They are shown how to handle certain kinds of emergency situations, and that's a totally different thing. It doesn't involve high speed skills at all. They don't encourage anyone to take risks, and everyone from learner to grandma should do one.

    We need to accept that excessive speed plays a part in some situations, but these ads are just a cheap, emotionally dishonest attempt to cover up for the poor training system our government provides.
  19. Firstly, driver education, both in terms of training, the physics of it, theory and so on should be taught in schools as a VCE subject. This will capture the 16 to 18 yo kids who are able to get their learners permits.

    Parents, unless they undergo a Vicroads accredited training course, should not be allowed to teach their kids "how to drive". All they do is to pass on their own bad habits, their misinformed opinions on the road rules and of course, their lack of ability.

    The police are always saying that they'd be happy to forgo any revenue from motoring offences if it "saves lives". Sure, the government tends to mimic this, but in reality they're desperately relying on it to prop up a badly managed budget.

    So, these suggestions will never be seriously considered because they cost money. It would be a long term strategy. And it would be politically unpopular, because for the most part people are too stupid to realise that they shouldn't be anywhere near their children when they need professional guidance. And they won't spend the money to better their own skills so they can pass them onto their children.

    So, if the government did announce these as road safety initiatives, the masses would howl long and loud, "what me? Piss off!"
  20. The thing is though advanced driver training can change attitudes, taking poeple out in a controlled environment and showing them how things get out of shape very quickly plays it's part in educating them. They get to see exactly how innatention or ham fisted inputs can cause a loss of control.

    I think the problem we see now is the kids have no practical experience to draw on...all they see is an ad on TV that basically says don't speed and you'll be fine. The drive to and from the shops with mum or dad who often have such bad habits they shouldn't have a license let alone teach others how to drive!

    They don't realise just how quickly things can go pear shaped, and then when they do go pear shaped they have no idea what oversteer, understeer or countersteering is.

    Sure some people may take those skills and still take risks, sorry to say but thats part of life!

    As an aside speaking of all this stuff, I caught a little of Neil Mitchell on Sunrise this morning talking about banning muslim headress for security reasons, he was argueing that there ae a tiny number of crimes commited by those wearing muslim headress, so the ban has no merit. Yet he is happy to foist front plates on motorcyclists despite the 0.03% rate of riders getting caught on camera and not being prosecuted for it due to no front plates...hypocritical much??? I would use the same argument for road safety, it's risky..make a mistake and people might die. For gods sake people get over it, 1700 peoplle died in the ACT from skin cancer last year lets get some perspective