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VIC TAC haven't learnt a thing.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. Despite the Inquiry recommendations, the TAC are continuing on in the same old way. the TAC advert from some years ago is back. That's the one where the rider is mysteriously thrown from the bike while overtaking.


    To add insult to injury, the TAC told us at the MAG meeting on Thursday that they were 'considering' reshowing it. Needless to say virtually everyone expressed a negative opinion... even several of the non riders.

    It's apparent that they were doing more than considering since it went to air the next night.
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  2. and the sun rises in the east and sets in the west .....did you really expect that the TAC would take any notice at all of a MERE parliamentary inquiry / committee.

    :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
    the more things change, the more they stay the same.......
    must be groundhog day
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  3. Perhaps it just means bikes are becoming more like cars crashing in media reports.

    "Johnny was innocently driving along when his car left the road and hit a tree"
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  4. You really expected the TAC to do otherwise? so long as cockfeeld is at the helm expect the same
  5. Video has been deleted :(
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  6. or on youtube

  7. That ad has been showing again up this way (NE) for a lot longer than since last Thursday - I'm sure of it. I've been seeing it now and then for what seems like a couple of months, and I'm pretty sure over the weekend of the GP last year as well.

    They might have only put it back to air in and around Melbourne in the last couple or so days, but it looks like it's been shown in other areas of the state again for while.
  8. I have to admit it's well shot. Nice camera work.
    As for the mysterious flip while overtaking, a make of mine hit a pothole in a shadow going around a bend. Threw him pretty bad and totaled the bike. He wasn't speeding, overtaking, lane splitting or holding his face funny ( ... or at least any funnier than usual). The rider in the ad was looking at his dash for a rather long time instead of where he was going, I think didn't see a pothole or road debris that's the real reason for the crash. It was tight but he should have made it through there, albeit with some additional colouring on his undies.
    I went and read the review article and I see their point. As a rider I see what they're trying to say, but I also see what cage monkeys car drivers are going to take away from it, and it's not helpful. We get enough of a bad rap without it being reinforced like that.
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  9. What a pointless ad, It's targeting the majority with the actions of the minority.
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  10. #12 Hypervisor, Feb 9, 2013
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2013
    To be honest, the rest of the ads on the page are pretty good. I really think there needs to be more focus on scooter riders wearing more gear (all riders in general), It's insane seeing a scooter rider (young girls) on their Vespa's hooning around at 80km/h with only a helmet.

    Some of my ideas for ads
    • Focus on skills (show the comparison between learning a maneuver and how it could save you)
    • Peer pressure (from more experienced riders)
    • Wearing all the correct gear
    • Being alert to all drivers (shown in some of the older ads from the spokes site)
    The new ads are pointless, either riders are reckless or drivers are never at fault. Either have both parties being at fault or focus on rider skills

  11. No potholes mate:
    The ride Cap 1.JPG
  12. I still think right beside the car you're passing isn't the place to contemplate the colour of your dash surround. They could have at least CGI'd in a pothole or dead wombat or something.
    Any time I've come off it was always because I'd not noticed SOMETHING, rather than being king-hit by a hulking nothing.
    Minus points for the ad for making him fall off without a reason. :(
  13. Does anyone seriously ride like that? overtaking a van blind? wow

    There are some good points in there but its been meshed together with more useless shit that makes motorcyclists out to be the bad guys yet again! I swear someone high up at TAC has its in for motorcyclists, they probably pass him sitting in traffic every morning.
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  14. I've seen it a few times and done it once (deservedly scared myself shitless and never done it again though. Lesson learned) Dumb bikers rarely get to be old bikers.

    Tangent warning!

    I'd actually like to see ALL drivers required to spend the first five years on the road on a bike so they learn to pay attention to what's around them and to not pull out in front of people.
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  15. Some discussion about this on FB - TAC: Get Real about rider safety

    What TAC have does is to totally ignore the RSC Inquiry's recomendation:

    Whoever is in charge at the TAC, is paying lip service to the Inquiry. They have been told in no uncertain terms that this style of ad is not the way to go.

    IMHO - TAC need to be called on this - using the Inquiry as the basis for our position. All the evidence we need to demonstrate that the TAC must withdraw this ad are contained in the Inquiry Report.

    This ad looks like it was put together by my mother - ie someone who has no idea what riding a motorcycle is all about. Most of the content conflicts with my real time experience. I'm going to write to my local member and ask her to flag the matter with Ted.
  16. Meh, plenty of people squid on bikes too. I'd almost argue its safer on a scooter as you're less likely to get your leg pinned by the machine when it falls. Though they do need to be aware of the consequences of coming off (particularly without gloves... Shudder), this is something that the riding community can spread. TAC really should only be responsible for paying out after a crash, like the insurance company (NOT SAFETY ORGANISATION) that they are.
  17. diplomacy has failed.
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  18. How embarrassing for the Parliamentary Committee. The TAC has basically told them to get f'cked.