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VIC TAC Go on the Defensive

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jdkarmch, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. For those who missed it, TAC (John Thompson) have been on the radio and TV yesterday making a passioned defence of their failed Scare Campaign Ad Tactics.

    Have a look at the current TAC Road Toll stats and you will notice that the toll for car drivers is up, that's 97% of all road users, while the other 3% are the true cause of the drop in the Vic Road Toll.

    See TAC Facebook page where they keep celebrating the drop in the Road Toll - yet when you drill down into the data - there is no justification to celebrate.

  2. The police wants to get more funding saying that their method works better....................TAC wants to keep their funding saying that their method works the best :p.............either way, public pays.
  3. Hooray, more police.
  4. Where the **** did our convict nation spirit go? We're turning into the biggest bunch of beige lilly livered cowards on the planet.

    Produce better and smarter road users FFS, it's staggering how simple a solution this is.
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  5. Couldn't agree more Rob. So simple......... TAC want to scare us - Cops want to enforce us. Never gunna work and the stats prove that it isn't now.

    Where riders, who are responsible for the majority of the toll decrease, are concerned I think that there are other factors involved. Scare tactics are certainly not one of those factors.
  6. I'd rather more police (note: I say police, not highway patrol... not even cops want more of those :p) than more stupid, ineffective ads. Why? Because at least the police can be put to good use, preventing or investigating non-road crime. Advertisements, however, have one use, and one use only.

    I'm also not surprised that getting out there with the booze bus does more good than chucking something on TV; fewer and fewer people are consuming media through traditional channels, and even those who do are developing a resistance to advertisements, or simply avoid them one way or another. Pulling people over on their way out of the city on a Friday night, however, has a very good chance of netting several offenders, and a visible police presence is way more of a disincentive than TAC campaigns... when was the last time you comfortably broke road rules while you knew a cop was around, and when was the last time you rolled your eyes at a billboard trying to have the same effect?

    If they're not going to spend my money the way I would like, the least they can do is spend it in a way that actually works.
  7. The last time I ride past one of those stupid TAC billboards that says "Lift your right foot", I thought how stupid is that? Especially from a motorcycle riders point of view.....

    Stupid "one liners" that just don't work other than in the mind of the clowns at the TAC......
  8. Lift your right leg? Hmmmm

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  9. I just edited my last post - had a re-think and remembered that the billboard actually says,"Lift your Right Foot".

    Love your analogy.
  10. Fixed

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  11. Now, put THAT on a TShirt.
  12. I'd buy one.
  13. I'd buy one too...or is that two.