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VIC TAC Facebook Page

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by adprom, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. Interesting - TAC is appearing to begin to actively moderate topics on their facebook page and things that they don't like off of recent topics as 'off-topic'. Couldn't find a thread discussing their Facebook and Social Media presence directly.

    However, would it be beneficial to set up a page around the truth of the TAC on facebook? Way I see it, they have just under 1000 members and done correctly, there would be a significant amount of people who would contribute to a balanced discussion and the issues of the TAC to begin with. Not to mention, if successful it would highlight just how naive their marketing department is.

    A facebook page, named appropriately which would be seen in searches, and appropriately draw people to read the actual behaviour of the TAC and their anti-MC approach could be beneficial. Thoughts? This is probably also an appropriate place to comment on updates on their FB page.
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  2. ^^^^^

    Very Good idea the truth must always rule to combat their spin and BS
  3. Something along the lines of Transport Accident Commission Awareness as a name or similar - need to be careful to make it clear it does not represent the TAC though. Although that would be obvious enough.
  4. because they work 9 to 5 you can put stuff up overnight and it takes them a while to get it down the next day.
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  5. Everyone join that one, he is a netrider and a great person actually.
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