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VIC TAC "Do as I say not as I do"

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by smee, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. You can smell the insincerity from here.


  2. 54kmh in a 50, can we now have a public execution?

    Im thinking hanging by her own beige cardigan.

    The reeking sanctimony is borderline religious.
  3. So step down then, biatch!
    I hate the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.
  4. does beigetoria have any leeway for speeding, or are you booked for 1km over even?

    4km's over is flipping nothing - i think it should be 10% MINIMUM like QLD is, i believe. even then, i think it should all be dependent on the speed limit - 80k zone, going 90 or above should be punished. 100 zone - 115 should be punished. 50 k's zone - 57 and over. just give a larger lee-way so people aren't hawk-eyeing their speedo rather than traffic.
  5. You know I've always thought??
    If I was the employee on in charge of processing the revenue camera happy snaps
    and a pic of my bike/car came up.. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    Oh come on, like you wouldn't....
  6. 39 accidents and 32 speeding fines? Interesting numbers if you want to be disingenuous with statistics....................
  7. In the UK the push is for training instead of fines. Surely TAC staff aren't deliberately breaking the law, and if they aren't why is it assumed the rest of us are?

    IAM chief executive Simon Best said: “This poll shows broad support for the government’s road safety strategy, but that fixed penalty notices are not popular. The vast majority of crashes are caused by driver error, they are not deliberate - fining drivers is punitive and does not improve driving skills. Driver quality is the key issue in improving road safety. This poll recognises that driving is a skill that needs refreshing and updating. More courses to address poor driving will make our roads safer."

  8. That's just sad. We already have paedophile priests, corrupt cops, dishonest politicians... what the heck, a few more speeding TAC employees wouldn't hurt. :nopity:
  9. we've been banging that drum long enough, the only listening ears appear to be attached to the heads of the other drummers
  10. TAC is an organisation that was designed to employ pubic servants. (and apologies to public servants who actually do put in a good day's work). Someone I know who worked for TAC was forever whinging about nuisance clients who were always calling up to find out where their benefits were (such as paying hopsital bills, getting much needed rehab going, that sort of trivial stuff).

    If she was typical of who worked there then it, as an org, is a disgrace.

    I also understand that there are plenty who do a great job, but the public perception of TAC as an organisation doesn't make for a good look, what with all this happening.

    They go on, and on, and on, and on about doing 5 km/h over the limit, then running over a jaywalker (itself an offence), and proclaiming that doing exactly the posted limit or under will avert an apocolypse.

    And this flies in the face of MUARC (another slug on the taxpayer) who have professors make the statements that the few kays over drivers aren't the problem. If they were, then why aren't we all dropping like flies, given the tens of thousands of motorists who are booked year in, year out for these most trivial of offences?

    Really, this woman who heads of TAC should fall on her sword.
  11. It certainly does seem like the people that work at the TAC don’t believe the bullshit propaganda coming from the top. So much for stable government.
  12. It's typical garbage rhetoric from a tabloid. Seriously, someone was caught doing 4kmh over the speed limit, lets get the executioners ready.

    On garbage rhetoric, I love the nights when ACA is proudly supporting x medical wonder cure, while flicking over to TT has the same thing as a outrageous scam. Or when they complain that poor tenants are being dudded by the evil landlords one week, then next week the chivalrous landlords are all being done over by the gutter-raking tenants; and of course the government must have new laws for it all etc & etc.

    These things are only hyped up rhetoric that's designed to create sensational targets to sell their products and when you actually think about it for more than 2 minutes, you discover that it's short on actual meaningful fact.

    In short, it's nothing but tabloid sensationalised garbage.