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TAC Daily Road Toll Update

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by vic, May 11, 2005.

  1. good to see the speed cameras are reducing the road toll like the gov are saying ......NOT up by 8%
  2. Savings are in pedestrians and pushbikes, eh? Well I guess that's the 50km/h zones now, and perhaps the school zones too.

    But if we're speeding less, how come the driver, passenger and motorcyclist deaths are still going up? :roll:
  3. That article does not mention Australia's population. From what I understand our population is hardly growing at all, and it is part of the reason we're trying to increase the number of immigrants: we simply won't breed. :LOL:
  4. stats are cool!

    hahahaha, yeah so kiddies and cyclists are getting killed less, but drivers are compensating for that by offing themselves more. i'd say its a fair trade :D good to see motorcyclists maintaining their consistancy there, we all know its consistancy thats important in todays world. and hows those 26-29 year olds! thats an awesome show of power there, only a couple of years and i'll be able to contribute to that one aswell :LOL:

    speed cameras work, its plainly obvious there. they provide the necissary funds to gather those stats and make a web site for it :LOL:
  5. You've exaggerated the figure. It's up 7% not 8%...according to the website.

    Are you practising to be a politician? :) They're good at creative accounting. :?

    Seeing that the road toll is going up, more "safety" cameras should be installed. Therefore, Bracksy boy can make more money to spend on himself and the rest of the bananas who decide policies. Is that being harsh? :p
  6. What I find interesting is that the TAC can provide a break down of it's crash data into relational categories (seatbelt stats, pedestrian stats, etc), each stats page has figures and charts... except the stats on speed related crashes:
    So where are the cold hard facts and figures? :? All I see is just estimates and guesses.
  7. From the NHMRC web site

    The main aim of this project was to quantify the relationship between free travelling speed and the risk of involvement in a casualty crash, for sober drivers of cars in 60 km/h speed limit zones in the Adelaide metropolitan area

    You cannot extrapolate this study to highway speeds - especially multilane roads - which is what is continually done...
  8. jeez, I've done MY bit ....... :D:
  9. And there's certainly some here as shouldn't... :LOL:

  10. And this result has not been replicated by any other study, worldwide.
    Including those that studied the effects of different speeds in different conditions, like this one SHOULD HAVE!
    Even the author has stated that the results do not necessarily validate the claims made by some Australian road safety authorities.
  11. holy crap...am I reading the table correctly...motorcyclist up 29%
  12. Interesting take on the recent thread discussing re-testing of older licence holders. Age groups from 40-70 seemingly having the safest figures for any group old enough to hold a licence. With 50-59yo the safest by a long way. This re-testing sound like another nice little revenue raiser to me.
  13. Yeah but that 29% is only 10 deaths more then last year (which was only 35). It's not the best population size to be gathering statistics off.

    Also...how many more motorcyclists are there this year? Maybe it's me but I've seen a HUGE number of new riders on the road in the last 12 to 18 months.
  14. Here is the daily update for SA.


    What is very scary is the 16 - 19 year old fatalities is up 166%!!!! :shock:
    There is your proof for power to weight restrictions and better driver training.

    Motorcycle deaths down 5%. Funny how there has been so much said in the media lately about motorcycle deaths but that figure has remained unsaid. :?