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VIC TAC contact - well almost

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Jem, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Well in an interesting development all my emails must have sparked either some interest of just pissed a few people of but several of the senior TAC people have been all over my LinkedIn profile.

    So now I have some names and have commenced trying to figure out what their email address pattern is before the direct writing begins........

    Will keep you posted.

    Cheers Jeremy
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  2. How can you tell they've been checking you out bro?
  3. Hi,

    LinkedIn has a section that lets you see who has viewed your profile in the last week and then click on them to see who they are and who they are connected to. So I now have some TAC names including John Thompson who is according to his profile -
    Senior Manager Marketing & Road Safety at Transport Accident Commission

    I have not cracked how their email is set up as yet but I have some time this arvo. So far I have tried:-

    and all have bounced back as not valid addresses.......I have based the ....@tac.vic.gov.au part on the fact that is what the email I got from Jessica came from - info@tac.vic.gov.au

    So I will jsut keep on thinking of possible formats to I get it right. Anyone got any ideas?

    Cheers Jeremy

    PS you can see his profile here - http://au.linkedin.com/in/1johnthompson
  4. Go get em killer. I haz da letter i want to write, I'm going to send them a fvcking shoe.
  5. According to this site the following email appears to be functional:


    I don't know if it's his correct address or not though.
  6. Hi,

    Thanks for the tip, great site I will try it and see.


    Update - some funny stuff going on here tried that one but got a bounce from this email address Postmaster@worksafe.vic.gov.au ??

    Anyway enough for today I will try again tomorrow. In the meantime I sent my best mate Jessica from the info site an email saying that I was trying to get in touch with John but seemed to have his email wrong and could she let me know what the correct address for him was.... You never know she just might send it without checking first......
  7. Interesting beast the TAC once anyone puts forward any criticisms they are all over it very paranoid . I think they know road users aren't buying the message there selling and starting to think for themselves . Good work Jem

    E. well some road users anyway
  8. You can make the reply address anything you like - doesn't even have to be valid...
    Don't sweat this, and keep up the good work...
  9. It's possible that he has a filter that will bounce all but addresses from an approved list.
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  12. Solid work aka.
  13. you could always add him to your connections. HE has 63 in commen connections with me so he seems to accept many connections. It should display his email once connected. :p
  14. TAC/Worksafe - same thing. They're joined at the hip and may well share IT infrastructure.
  15. Hi all

    Thanks for the tips I will try both the email format and see if I can connect via LinkedIn as well. No direct connections but a few in common so might be able to get there that way.

    So far I have only sent positive emails to the TAC trying a different approach to see if I can get them to engage in an ongoing dialogue with me.

    Will update in the morning after I have tried your ideas.

    Cheers Jeremy
  16. Sensational, the emails have been passed up the line. Great work Jem.
  17. Maybe they have already begun to merge the two entities as floated in the media recently.
  18. Confirmed, they are both serviced by the same IT department and share some infrastructure.
  19. Hi all,

    Well thanks to the great work by Luke looks like I now have the correct format as I sent him an email this morning and it has not bounced back so looks to be all good. Below is a copy of what I sent, as always I put my full address and contact details on the email. I have tried to keep it positive as I am quite serious about wanting to not only keep a dialoge open with them but also to get discussion groups going with them in the future.

    Cheers Jeremy

    Hi John,

    I saw that you viewed my profile on LinkedIn and assume you had a look based on some email correspondence I had with Jessica regarding recent advertising campaigns.

    So as a way of more formal introduction and background I thought I would email you directly and provide some additional information.

    My name as you know is Jeremy Walton, I live in Nunawading with my wife and 2 small children and work in Hawthorn as the Operations Manager for a company which operates in the energy efficiency field.

    I have been driving for the last 30 years in Vic, SA and NSW predominately haven grown up in Broken Hill and moved to Melbourne in 1985. Recently I purchased a motorcycle for commuting to work and picked it up after successfully gaining my learners at H.A.R.T. on 20th February this year.

    As you would have seen from my LinkedIn profile I like to get more involved with the organisations that are part of activities that I either do or am involved with. For example I enjoy Ocean Yacht Racing and as it is a sport which I intend to be involved with for some time I joined the committee of The Ocean Racing Club of Victoria the body which controls all offshore racing in Victoria.

    Having just started riding I have; as you can imagine; developed an interest is in trying to make the road safer for not only me but all road users regardless if they are on a bike, a motorbike, on foot or in a car.

    I see my greatest risk as being knocked of my bike by a driver who is distracted by other activities that they are doing while they are driving. Some of the things that I see each day on my ride in are-
    Holding and talking on a mobile while driving
    Texting on a mobile while driving
    Reading the newspaper
    Eating breakfast and I am not just talking toast here but actually eating cereal out of a bowl
    Not paying attention to traffic flow and changing lanes without indicating
    Assuming that as soon as you put your indicator on that gives you the right to change lanes
    More recently I have noticed that drivers are starting to use tablet devices as well such as iPads. I have seen one mounted to the steering wheel of a car and I am fairly certain the girl driving was updating her Facebook page on the go.

    It appears obvious to me that the current campaigns are not having the desired effect in changing road behaviour. Looking at the figures from Operation Crossroads carried out by Victoria Police over the Easter weekend would tend to vindicate this. As an example there where 798 mobile phone offenses alone. I assume you are looking closely at the results of this operation in particular the number of speeding offenses by all road users.

    Talking with several more experienced riders I am lead to believe that the TAC used to conduct quite extensive consolations with Motorcycle riders about future campaigns and road issues. I would encourage you to start this process again. In fact in one of my earlier emails to Jessica I offered my time to be involved specifically as a mature aged learner who is looking at the issues with 'perhaps' a wiser eye.

    Whilst I understand that the TAC does not make policy I do see a real opportunity for you to look at some new campaigns that will have a positive effect on road behaviour.

    Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss any of the above and if you would like to add me as a contact on LinkedIn I would be pleased to add you to my network.

    Kind regards,

    Jeremy Walton
    Full contact details followed.
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  20. Besides the odd spelling and grammatical errors can't mistake that at all. Well done mate.
    Wonder if they're following along in this thread...