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TAC "company policy"

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by MONKEYMAN, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. greetings brethren.

    long story short, had a car try and kill me a couple of years ago and just had a crapload of metal pulled out of my leg at the Alfred sometime last week... and was swiftly sent home.. last few days all a bit of a blur actually and i'm still bleeding from it now... can't walk yet but they did send me home with a certificate for the TAC granting me two weeks off work to recover.

    so i've been trying to fax the certificate through to the TAC using the number provided on the certificate...number is'nt connected so it never works.

    rang the TAC this morning to ask for a fax number that does work?... "they can't give me one and if they did they would not recognize the certificate as legitimate"

    "company policy is the certificate has to be faxed through from the Alfred hospital, if i fax it from home they won't accept it."

    i don't understand and it's very frustrating that i now have to take the certificate back to the hospital and get someone there to fax it for me... yet, theres a fax machine right next to me.](*,)](*,)](*,)](*,)

    theres nothing in the act that specifies this that i can find.](*,)](*,)](*,)](*,)

    i guess it's just a rant but they even refused to provide or pay for transport to get get me home post surgery when i was discharged last week.
    and i know they're legally obliged to do that.

    very hard dealing with the TAC ... I never ask for their help unless i'm very desperate and not coping.
    i know my entitlements but now they're just blowing me of with "company policy"
  2. There's some serious corruption/mismanagement happening at the TAC.

    Dodgy mofos!
  3. i pay my rego and so i'm insured for my injury.
    but getting the TAC to actually re-imburse you for medical costs and loss of income is really tricky to do.
    you really have to fight for what you are entitled to every step of the way.
    because they're trying to find any possible means to weasle out of helping you.
    and when you're hurting, you just don't have a lot of fight in you.
    it's shamefull that they operate like a dodgy privately run insurance company.
    that's not how it's supposed to be.

    nevertheless, i got two free boxes of painkillers from the hospital and i had previously stock piled boxes of bananas... so life is still good.

    and hey, at least their e-mail address works... and i have the satisfaction of flooding it with gay p0rn.
  4. If the usual policy is for the Hospital to send it try asking the hospital to do it on your behalf. Failing that ask to be put through to the Secretary's Office and when you get on to his PA ask them to help. Unless it is specifically against TAC policy to accept they probably will.

    If still no luck ask your local Member of Parliament for assistance. TAC is more likely to take notice of him than a mere member of the public ... unfortunately. This is the sort of thing your local member of parliament loves, as it doesn't take much effort for them to make a request on your behalf and he gets to be seen to be doing things.
  5. Out of your private stash? :-s
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    OH man I'd love to see their faces when gay p0rn pops up! LOL!

    Talk to the supervisors supervisor, then talk to his supervisors supervisor - then tell him the story and that you demand to fax it from where you are right now OR one of his little staff peoples can come collect it directly from your home.
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  8. and thanks GreyBM & Holly.

    I'll get on the blower in the morning, once my banana/endo/oxy-contin smoothie kicks in
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    You're a braver man than I. I just sign up the enemy email to lots of sites for their "Free trials"