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TAC "clearing house" thread

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by thetramp64, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. Ok, we need to do something about this crowd.

    What I'm looking for is any FIRST HAND accounts of people who have had an "off" and then had an issue with TAC attempting to fight a payout on "common law" grounds, specifically around the wearing / not wearing of protective clothing.

    Even pm'ing me a number / email address will do I WILL respond as soon as I am able.
    I'll also want any TAC letters / court docs.
    The idea is to fight one of these ALL THE WAY to the Supreme Court if necessary and have TAC lose / back down.

    We also need to start a campaign based on real life events, and point out that:
    (i) There are no Austrealian Standards (so how do you "rate" gear?);
    (ii) The TAC ads are stupid, childish and counterproductive;
    (iii) The target should be the idiots in tintops, not the "victims".
  2. given the response to the thread in question before, if it had happened to someone on this site, we would have already known about it. Will probably have better luck on some other forums or in the pub/rest stops somewhere - lots of riders not on web forums.

    Go for it mate.
  3. It's worked for them for almost a decade, why would they not try it again with something else?
    I'm talking about the safety:jerk: levy
  4. I think this is a good idea. In my experience, car enthusiast forums also have a number of motorcycle owners on there.
  5. Made it a Sticky