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VIC TAC Calls on Motorcycle Riders for Safety Tips

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by RapunzeL, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. Time to bust out your best ATGATT/SMIDSY/WTF videos for the chance to win a lap of Phillip Island..... in a car.

    lol. :-s

  2. Hmm, wonder if the latest stuff like the Blackburn, smidsy push, etc has anything to do with this?
    Same time being TAC, I won't be satisfied with how TAC use all these videos until the end just in case they only use videos sent in that only suit their agenda which isn't always along a positive motorcycle line...
  3. I've got some tips for riders...
    Stop listening the TAC's spin
    Demand the TAC begins spending levy money in consultation with riders
    Demand the TAC is transparent about it's motorcycling agendas
    Demand the TAC stops using skewed statistics to push it's agendas
    Demand the TAC subsidises training and trackdays
    Demand the TAC representatives get their motorcycle licenses and ride a motorcycle for a minimum of two years on the roads before having an opinion
    Demand Ms Dore gets a clue
  4. Nah mate none at all. In the past they've asked for 25 words or less submissions and then filmed the winners themselves. This way they get more clips to use for their website but still only have to offer three prizes. This was planned before MB spoke up.
  5. The is NOT their new approach to motorcycle safety.

    Just a little bit of history for everyone. This goes back many years and originates from a proposal I put to them 6 years ago, in my then Role as President of MRA(Vic).

    My original proposal was recommending that they run a competition where riders/clubs would make Rider Safety Video Clips - similar to their Make a Film Make a Difference program.

    My proposal was actually facilitated via the Ulysses Rep on VMAC, who having seen my idea made sure that it was put before TAC. He was very disappointed with the result - but, at least it resulted in something.

    When we met with TAC, they got cold feet with that idea, "We can't let riders film themselves. We can't be seen to allow riders riding and filming themselves - that is dangerous," the said. Absolute cop out......

    What eventuated was the Rider Safety Tips Competition a watered down version of my idea. To make up for the Safety Video idea, their version resulted in riders being interviewed about their Tips. The video interviews were done at the Bike Expo and put up on www.spokes.com.au.

    I was on the judging panel for the first two years. I doubt whether the girl running the competition even knows that I was the originator. TAC are like that - they use you, abuse you and then forget you (harsh to say I know.....).

    I think that there are now better sources for hints and tips right here on Netrider. Coupled with that is the fact that there are now 1000s of Rider Training Video clips on Youtube. I have already made a couple myself - so they are a bit late there.

    Typical TAC - A New Approach? - No just TAC demonstrating how far behind the time they are...

    End of rant.
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  6. John is absolutely correct here. He put up almost the same proposal that has come up now and was pooh poohed. Roger Northam was the Ulysses rep on VMAC at the time and got right behind it.
  7. It just means they're slower than we are. But we already knew that.
    Just keep planting seeds until the soil is fertile, eventually something will take root.
    ...and rooting the TAC is fun.
  8. Pervert...

  9. Remember, it only feels kinky the first time ;)
  10. We already do that, ya moron! We don't need TAC trying to take credit for it. F#$% off.
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  11. Yup. And ours on NR are peer reviewed like proper articles :D.
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    In fact to make things worse I emailed a copy of the Youtube clip that I made on [URL="]Counter Steering[/URL] to John Thomson at TAC when I made it.

    Looks like that may have been the trigger. No credit given to me......

    And if Robsalv is reading this - yes, my explanation for angle of push is not quite correct.

    It has now had 3,223 views, which is several thousand more views than I think it would get on Spokes. [URL="]Also note how many other people have made clips on the same subject.[/URL] listed on the same Youtube page as mine......:censored::soapbox:

    TAC - always too little - always too late. If only they had listened, then they would be the leaders.

    I hope someone at TAC is reading this.

    End of rant
  13. Yep, we peer at them and then criticise them... :)
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    Agree with all the above, except the levy. I still think it's a rort that should be scrapped.

    Problem? It's just a youtube general page. When you loaded up your vid, with title, description, category and some tags, all these things identify it to group it with similar clips, eg the ones listed down rhs of page. Some of these were done before you uploaded yours, others after, and if someone watches their own similar vid on a page like this yours will possibly also be one of those listed to the right. And this rhs listing changes. Cross-linking (categorising etc) helps increase random traffic to your vid. Unlike your youtube channel page, where the random selection doesn't appear (what appears is decided by you).
  15. I don't think jdk intended it to sound as if there was a problem. What he was pointing out is the sheer number of clips etc that already exist on some of these topics.
  16. Ah, I see. Thanks Tony. :)
  17. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the original proposal that John put to the TAC was for riders to film themselves riding while giving tips, a proposal the TAC refuted immediately as being unsafe.

    Whereas this promotion is about riders filming themselves while NOT riding and giving tips.

    Apples and oranges
  18. It was for riders to produce videos - not necessarily while riding. In fact, it's easy enough to get a mate to video you while you're riding. The "unsafe" bit was really an afterthought, they just weren't interested.
  19. Every time a Victorian government agency starts making noise I get a horrible feeling that "bubba" is behind me, with a bottle of hot sauce in one hand and ..........well you get the idea (And I don't even live there). :-s
  20. Should I send one in with the following......

    "My tip to Victorian Motorcyclists is to move to NSW, we don't have as an intense focus on speed which has meant that our motorcycle road toll is the same (34-35) even though our population is higher (by 1.7M). Remember every time you look at the speedo you could be missing that SMIDSY driver".