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TAC Breaches Governmental Guidelines

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Thera, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Link for Full story

    Add this to that poorly thought out advertisement, and horribly worded signs(One at the city end of Eastern is annoying) and to me it gives genuine concerns about what the heck is going on with management in TAC land. Could these consultants be the driving force behind the "new" approach the TAC has towards us Riders?

  2. The depth and breadth of the hole they are digging astounds me!!!!

    This is one for Andrew Bolt to take on. He loves shit stirring the Govt and their agencies.
  3. Something certainly smells here.

    And why am I not surprised about this? I got a sense that there was something amiss at the TAC Director level when talking to TAC staff at the Shock Ad launch last week.

    MRA(Vic) is preparing a FOI submission in relation to some questions we want to get answers for - this will certainly add fuel to the fire.

    The allocation of tenders for TAC ads was discussed at VMAC as far back as last year. They felt that the VMAC funded add could have been produced more cheaply that TAC's preferred company.
  4. While your at it JD try and get that shocking ad taken down of the eastern outbound end of the eastern Freeway(read: Carpark) it states that we are solely responsible for any risks to us. I'll have to get a pic. I'm sure there are more but that one I see and it really pisses me off.
  5. THIEF - TAC Board member pockets Motorcycle Levy
  6. Not that easy to achieve. But I will raise this whole debacle with Minister Tim Pallas tomorrow night at a function he is holding which MRA has been invited to attend and for which as MRA President I am representing.

    I have seen the sign you are talking about. MRA has a Board meeting on Wed night at which we will be developing a plan as to how we intend to deal with TAC.
  7. Cool, so you'll get to have a chat with him, then?

    "What is all this anti-motorcyclist, unqualified protective gear propaganda shit we aren't being consulted on, Tim? There are lawyers who want to take you to the Supreme Court pro-bono, and people who want to arrange protest rides. Now we'd like to think we can work together to improve motorcycling for everyone... but which is it going to be? Are you going to work with us? Or do I tell these people to do whatever the hell they like to upset this rotton applecart?"
  8. and then add that the prize for the Tip's section on spokes is a set of gloves, under the current "Targeted Advertising" wouldn't it be better if it was a jacket or some other piece of protective equipment.
  9. Bounce it past me if needed.
    I used to do FOI requests from the other side......:blackeye:
  10. Thanks Bonk - I'll try to take the conversation in that direction.
  11. They would offer a jacket but there's not much change left for road safety after all their consulting/advertising fees. :soapbox:
  12. Geezuz. I'm gobsmacked.

    It's WAY past time that "'commercial in confidence" stopped being a justification for spending the public's money in secret, at ANY level of government.
    In any other jurisdiction it would would be known by it's proper name. Which is CORRUPTION.

    This is an outrage. Sadly, one of a long string of them. Heads. Must. Roll.